Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The most exciting toy

So we have a new favorite toy in our house that good ol Santa brought. It is a little submarine ball pit. K now let me explain...This in Rhett's eyes is the coolest thing EVER. Every time we go to Chuckie E Cheese he looks at the ball pit so longinly, and I ABLOUTLEY REFUSE to let him play in it. I mean serioulsy look at all of the germs that hide out in that thing. Not to mention the kids that pee in it. Have you ever smelled one of those things?!?!?

So in Santa's stride to find the perfect toy, he came across one for Rhett. And are you ready for this? It's a GREAT therapy toy...SSHHHH don't tell him that!!! It won't be fun anymore! It will help him learn to keep his balance and he will be the only one peeing in it, and only his little germs will be floating around in it. Yes my living room looks like a kiddie playground, but hey kids are only little for a while, it won't be this way forever. In the end it is sooo worth it. Before I know it he will be big and grown up. I am going to enjoy the time that they are small and worry about the "perfect house" later..Eh who am I kidding I will probablly have grandkids that are around and have a kiddie house for them too...

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t said...

Parker got the exact same ball pit for his birthday. He would let out the most blood curdling screams anytime he got anywhere near it. Go figure.