Monday, January 1, 2007


Poor Rhett is stuck in our bedroom. We are working on shuffling everyone around so that he can have his own room. We have moved Hunter in with Dakota, since that is the biggest room in the house, and we are tryin to get Chloee moved into Hunter's old room. But here we ran into a snag, his room was blue, icky sticky blue, as Chloee calls it, and heaven forbid a 4 year old girl move into a BLUE room. So this weekend we started the process of painting.

Pink walls with purple boarders, ladybugs and butterflies, and pretty little curtians. A little girls dream. Andy wasn't too thrilled with the whole pink thing, but once we started he thought it was pretty cute. Now we have to paint Rhett's new room. I think it will be red. It just matches his personality. Bright and fun.

Anyways, as we were finishing up tonight, Rhett was very tired. He has had a hard time taking naps lately. Every time I get him to bed, he gets woke up by one of the family. This is resulting in a very angry kid. He is just like dad, if he doesn't get enough out. The head will start spinning in circles, and steam comes from the ears.

Our room seems to be a comminuty hang out for the whole family, even if the door is closed they just barge on in. Our door is broken.....(long story), so it doesn't lock, I have been caught more than once, throwing something on me just as I have gotten out of the shower and getting dressed. So , anywho, tonight I put Rhett to sleep and he was sleeping awfuly sound. Chloee comes in and very pathetically says, I don't know where to sleep. (Her bed is not moved into her new room yet). I tell her to very QUIETLY go into our room and go to bed.

Dad hollars from the other room, "Make sure you put your jammies on first!" and as she is standing in our room, she hollars "OKAY" back. Thus begins the crying head spinning, and steaming ears of Rhett. He got woke up, do ya blame the kid?!?!? So after a few thoughts of, "honestly did I have to pick the loudest family on earth," I go pick him up in an effort to comfort the poor thing.

Attempt #1: give him a bottle.....Nope not having it.
Attempt #2: The binky......Are you kidding me lady?
Attempt #3: Go downstairs to rock a bye......No Way!!!!
Attempt #4: Stand up and walk the floor.....Now you are really making me mad mommy!!
Attempt #5: Start back at # one.....None of which works, AGAIN.

So then daddy comes walking down the stairs, takes him out of my arms, and puts him in the EXACT same position as I had him, not 2 seconds ago. A few little whimpers and Rhett is OUT. Not just a light slumber, but we are talking out like a light. Is he a daddy's boy or what? Did he forget that Daddy was the one who woke him up to begin with?

What am I, chop liver??? He is usually a momma's boy, but sometimes he just needs the love of his Daddy, and you know what? I am cool with time it is 2 am and he is screaming, I will go get dad and I can go to sleep. He, he ,he!

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Tammy and Parker said...

Aw...poor guy. He will be much happier in his own room. And I love your idea about having DAD get up at 2 in the morning. hee,hee