Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Funny Kid

Rhett has discovered the remote control. He has realized that if you push a button, something changes on the t.v....and if it is the right one it goes really loud. Do you understand how funny this is? Loud really really loud. It makes him laugh hysterically. So tonight after his bath we had a photo shoot with his new toy. He wasn't too keen on getting dressed so he is just in a diaper, good thing our house is like an oven, otherwise he would be freezing his tooshy off. Ah the joys of being one.

Am I cute or what???

No touchy it is MY remote!!!!!

Hmm which button makes it go really loud.....

How many smiles do you want lady?

Ahh man I had to get my jammies on that stinks!!!

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Anonymous said...

I linked over to you from the T21 board. I would love to add your blog to my list of links if it is ok.

I will check back later to see what you think.

Rhett is adorable, and what a wonderful name.