Monday, January 22, 2007

Some days just SUCK

Today was such a rotten day. Andy started a new job, and it is a completley different schedule than his old one. It has thrown our whole house off. I did finish painting Rhett's room today, but that is it.

Rhett is getting 9 new teeth all at once and he is so miserable. Neither one of us got out of our jammies today. We just sat in our recliner all day and rocked the day away. We sang songs and watched endless Disney movies, all picked out by big sister Chloee. (If I never see The Brave Little Toaster again it will be too soon!!!) Rhett was fine as long as I held him, and let him gnaw on my fingers. I guess mine just taste better than his!

We gave Tylenol and Motrin every 4 hrs, and put teething gel on his gums. Oh if that doesn't make for one funny face!!! I had plans on cleaning my kitchen, doing laundry and making a nice dinner today, but it didn't happen. Ah well tomorrow is another day. I am hoping for a little sleep tonight for the both of us, and some happy pearly whites that poke their way through tonight.....wishful thinking??? I hope not!!


Jessica said...

Wow! 9 teeth at once! We're still waiting on #1 for Joey... he has the bumps, but the little boogers won't push through!

Jen said...

Sounds miserable...I hope the little buggers show up soon! Frozen yogurt and sherbet helped my older son get through a few of his teething pains.