Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I gotta vent.......

The last few days have been driving me crazy, maybe it is all of the stress we have been under, maybe it is just that people who feel sorry for themselves makes me angry. Who knows, but whatever the reason I need to vent, and if I offend anyone I am truly sorry. It is not meant to be aimed at any individual at all.

What drives me crazy is when someone thinks that they are being attacked everytime another person does not agree with them, then they throw a fit to get attention, and basically all they want is a big fat pity party. Then the worst is when people actually fall for it, and they get it! Serioulsy we are all adults, and need to grow up. I NEVER want anyone to feel pity for me. There is absoutley nothing in my life for me to need pity about! I have a wonderful family, a snuggly home to live in, and the best husband ever. Oh we have our trials, and our little tests, but we get through them, and we always come out on top, and stronger in the long run because of them.

Why do people feed off of the attention of people feeling sorry for them? Take for instance Rhett's last hospital stay. I would never want someone to feel sorry for us, and the situation that we went through. If anything, the biggest reason I posted about it so much was so that someone else could learn thorough our own test and trial. If I save one child from having to go through what Rhett did by sharing our story, then I passed my test. One of my most favorite sayings that goes along with a picture of Christ, is the saying "I never said it was going to be easy, I only said it was going to be worth it."

I live by that. Life is never easy and not everyone is going to agree with you. I would never state my opinions if I didn't want someone to disagree with me. Andy and I get along so well because we know that we can disagree with something, and still be totally and udderly in love with each other. We wouldn't be human if we thought otherwise. We all have our trials in life, and to go around wanting others to feel sorry for you, and take pity on you when you get your feelings hurt is just silly. Grow up get a backbone and be happy that you are here. There I said it, and I am done. Like I said sorry if I offended anyone.


Jessica said...

I love that saying, it's so true! Don't worry about offending anyone, if you need to vent, vent! That's a great thing about a blog, it's a great place to vent!

Anonymous said...

So true! By the way Pam, You totally Rock you know!
Love ya,

Imperfect Christian said...

You go girl! You said it right on the money! That is also one of my favorite quotes...words to live by! My family doesn't need anyone's sympathy, even with all the trials we have going on right now. We'll get through it and be better off because of it!

jennifer said...

What a wonderful quote...and one I needed to be reminded of. THANK YOU!

mum2brady said...

Hee hee - I assume this is in part because of the blow up on the board :) I feel somewhat responsible for that, you know :) But - I was just stating my opinion, and can I help it if other people have similiar opinions that DS is not a defect ;) and that our sweeties are perfect just the way they are and that we wouldn't change a thing about them :)

I think people need to understand how to accept that there are all different types of people out there, and not everyone is going to agree with you, and you can't speak in absolutes, cause that just doesn't work :)

I liked your post :) Thanks for sharing!!!