Saturday, April 14, 2007

Body Aches and Runny noses.......

Rhett and I are sick. Blech......sore throat, runny nose, and body aches. He seems to be just fine other than he is creating more snot than there is water in the Hoover Dam. I have a huge thing about snot running down little kids noses, it drives me absolutely crazy. Rhett has gotten really good at finding things to wipe his nose on before I can get to him with a Kleenex.

He sneezes, then rolls over and rubs his nose on my carpet, or if that is not available he just uses that arm that has become so useful lately. When he sees me coming, he folds himself in half and says nanananana, (which in his language means no, no, no, no!)

The worst part is, is that I know just how he feels. My body feels like I have been hit my a semi, and my nose hurts so bad from constantly blowing, I am getting sores.

That being said, stupid old me went and played softball last night. Andy and I both play on a co-ed softball team, two actually. Both of them on the same night, just at different fields. I must admit I was a little rusty at first, but the second game my batting came together, as well as my Fielding. (I play second base.)

I don't know what it is about softball, but it is my passion. I don't care how sick I am or how bad I hurt, if there is a game to be played I will be there. I took a ball to the shin last night. My whole leg is purple, in a nice round softball looking bruise. I am so proud. You can bet that if my camera were not broke there would be a picture right now showing it off.

I am sure that it will be healed just in time for next weeks games, and hopefully by then I will be over this rotten cold as well, so I can focus on my game rather than my nose.

This is the beginning of our summer, Andy will play 3 nights a week, 2 nights for me, Hunter 2 nights, and Chloee is starting peanut T-ball as well. There is nothing like hanging out at the ball park all week long, and playing tournaments on the weekends. I am so glad that summer is coming, and that Rhett will be well enough this summer to be there with us. What more could we ask for?


Michelle said...

sorry you both are feeling sick! Get well soon!

Jessica said...

That stinks!! Feel better soon!!!

Sara said...

ok eww on the snot details :p way to go on the baseball!! Hope you are both feeling better soon!!