Saturday, May 19, 2007

Only 5 More Days of School Left.........

What am I going to do with all 4 of my kids home for 3 months?!?!? I am seriously thinking of buying a family pass to our local commiunty pool. I mean honestly who came up with this idea of a 3 MONTH break?

Last year was not a bad summer.(Granted I was working full time during the day.) Dakota and Hunter played really well together. But these last 2 months have been awful. They have hit that age where they fight constantly about every little thing.

I always thought that people who wished that summer vacation never existed were horrible parents. But I do have to say that I have turned into one of "them".

It's not that I don't love being with my kids, I really do, but with four kids home all day, the house gets messier, and it is a constant battle to get them to pick up after themselves.

I have got to start getting organized and making a chore chart that has to be done everyday before they go play with their friends.

Today I am going to set up our pool in hopes that the water will be warmed up enough for the kids to play in come next weekend. Of course that means going and buying new filters and chlorine tabs. Of course you gotta love checking PH and alkaline levels all the time too.......ugh whatever happened to the good old fashioned running through the sprinkler days? My kids are too spoiled and I only have myself to blame.

Well wish me luck my dear readers, because I have no idea how I am going to survive this summer.


Sara said...

wow 3 mths off ? Up here it is 2 mths but next term Nathaniels school is going to modified calander, so he is back to school on Aug 14th this year...We have a Zoo pass and use it ALOT :p We also have our yearly 2 week Calgary Stampede, so that will keep us busy for some of the time :p

mum2brady said...

Wishing you luck :) I LOVE having 3 months off :) I grew up in Canada where we only had 2 months -it wasn't nearly long enough :)

I hope that you survive :) I myself, can't wait - I love having my kids home and NO homework - it's bliss :) Although it has gotten a lot busier as they've gotten older - I miss being where you are - it was much easier LOLOL How's that for a consolation - hee hee..... Enjoy em being younger while you can, cause it doesn't last!!!