Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Hunter.....

I am a bad mom, I am getting this out a little late. My little boy is not so little anymore. On Saturday he turned 9 years old. Where did the time go?? He had a great birthday, we celebrated all weekend long.

The best thing was that after lots of scrimping and saving we were able to get him the birthday present that he has wanted for the last two birthdays and Christmas's. A Nintendo DS.

We dressed it up in lots and lots of cute girly paper. Then we made sure that we told him the night before that we couldn't afford much for his birthday. (we just got word that insurance will not cover a new med for Rhett and it is going to cost 149.00 a month). We tell him that he would probably be getting just a card and maybe a small gift. You could tell he was disappointed, but because he is such a sweet boy, and has such a huge caring heart he says, "That's okay mom. I would rather Rhett have his medicine so that he can be healthy. I don't need anything big"

Okay, here I have to STOP the water works from flowing. This is the exact reason why we have saved and scrimped and cashed in all of the change sitting around the house for the last 4 months. He deserves this toy more than any other little boy I know. Hunter is always there to help me with Rhett, and they share a bond unlike any that I have ever seen between two siblings.

So Saturday morning, Andy is jumping up and down wanting to give him his gift. We wait till we are all eating breakfast. We bring the bag downstairs, and say, "It's not much but Happy Birthday Buddy!!"

Hunter looks at the paper, shrugs his shoulders, and opens it up. His mouth drops WIDE open, and he starts jumping up and down and screaming like a little girl. He couldn't say thank you enough.

I have saved for things all of my life, but nothing has given me more joy than seeing my incredible son get the one thing that he has wanted for so long. I know that he would have loved any present that he received. That is the type of kid he is. He does not want a bunch of extravagant things. He is happy with a sling shot and rocks to take up in the mountains with him. But every little boy dreams of having their own game system, and for once, we were able to give him something he wanted.

Happy Birthday Hunter. Thank you for teaching me what life is about. I love you!!


Jessica said...

You guys are awesome parents! What a great gift! Happy Birthday Hunter!

Kei said...

Ok, my eyes are filled w/tears. How awesome Hunter is!

Trina said...

This is the sweetest story. My heart just melted when he said, "That's okay mom. I would rather Rhett have his medicine so that he can be healthy. I don't need anything big"

Oh be still my heart! You have such a special little man there. I could just squeezy him to pieces!

Happy Birthday sweetie! I hope you enjoy your gift! You deserve it so much.


Laura Q said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! What a special boy you are.

What a sweet story Pam, just goes to show you what wonderful parents you are to raise such a smart boy!

Michelle said...

Hunter, you are an AWESOME big brother! Many hugs to you...I do hope you had a GREAT day!

Pam, you are the best momma ever!