Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two Angels Taken to Heaven in the Same Week.....

My heart is still hurting for Gabi, and today came word that Lillan too has now joined Gabi in Heaven. Please pray for these families as they come to terms with not having their little baby girls in their arms anymore. It isn't fair, and I am trying to keep the faith that Heavenly Father has a wonderful plan for them. But it still hurts.

Hold your little ones tight, and do not take one day for granted. You never know when they will be called home.

So many prayers for Jared and Heather and their family.....and of course to Jason and Micah (Gabi's parents). May you all have peace and comfort in the days to come.


Anonymous said..., it's just so unfair.

Anonymous said...
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Mom to Rhett said...
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Mom to Rhett said...

I have deleted these comments as I do not want her parents to see the horrible things that people have said. If you have anymore issues and would like to take this up with me please email me at

Anything that has been posted on this blog has had personal permssion from the owners of the photos.

Now is not the time to be fighting with me and saying nasty things. We are all adults and should act that way. I will now take off the ability to leave anonymous comments for a while.

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