Thursday, October 4, 2007


We are sick, AGAIN......if this is any indication to the fall and winter cold/flu season, I may just find a freight train to jump in front of. Ok, not really.

Then to top it off, we make a trip down to the local health department to get a flu shot, sit in line for almost an hour only to be told that they only have the pediatric doses for people with PRIVATE insurance, not state insurance. Isn't that some type of discrimination?

Ah well, Rhett goes into the doctor again on Monday for his 2 year check up, and a follow up for his junk that he has going on now. Hopefully he is healthy enough he can get that flu shot. Still waiting to hear if he gets the synagis (RSV) shot again this year. I hope, I hope, I hope.

I am fine with his ears bugging him, and his throat being sore, I am just really hoping it doesn't turn into this nasty cough that seems to be going around right now. THAT scares me.


Kei said...

Wow... that hardly seems right. You'd think the priority would be those at high risk would get it first, regardless of what insurance is used.

Hope you all get better soon!!!!

Michelle said...

Darn it! Private insurance? WTH!! I'm so sorry. We too are waiting on the Synagis answer! I hope, I hope, I hope too (for BOTH of us). Hugs, Friend!!