Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighboorhood......

Okay, I know that's a really cheesy title, but seriously, today is a good day. Rhett slept all night long, from 7 pm to 8 am. He woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed signing eat and cracker. I made him some oatmeal and he ate every last bit of it. Then he got his Chicken in a Biscuit cracker that he has been living on for the last two weeks.

After that I went into our bedroom for his morning ritual of watching Signing Time and Sesame Street. But he didn't want to lie in bed and watch TV this morning. He wanted to ~~PLAY~~

So we are downstairs playing on his slide and unpacking all of his toys, to which he exclaims "Ooooohhhhhhh!!" everytime we pull one of his favorites out of a box. It's so good to have him back to normal.

His cough is mostly just in the mornings when he first wakes up now. Once he gets moving around it pretty much goes away. His breathing sounds great this morning too. I don't know what happened overnight but I'll take it!!

Hooray for Rhett for fighting this gunk off!!!! Now I've got to figure out how to get him some Potato Heads. His sister got some from my mom the other day, (that were actually mine when I was little) and Rhett is obsessed with them. It's great fine motor skill work for him to put the pieces in and out of the hole, and fine motor is an area that we really need to work on!!

I can't take them from sister because she is just as obsessed as he is. Who knew that Potato Heads could be so fun????


Emily said...

Glad to hear that Rhett is on the mend! Enjoy those 'tato heads!

RK said...

Any day that can be called a "good day" is a blessing in my book!

Thanks for coming by Braska's blog, too!