Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Not it!!"

You know when your little one goes over to the corner and starts grunting, and you hear those little explosions coming out of his back end?

What I wouldn't give for someone to just go over, pick him up and change him, rather than hearing the tune of 3 of my 4 of my kids, and Andy saying......."NOT IT!!!"

Then you have to add in Rhett hollering "NO!" Because he can't say "Not It " yet.


I am sure it will be a part of his vocabulary in the very near future, as for some reason this is the funniest thing that is said in our house......

Did I miss something here?

What cracks me up the most is my 5 year old, like I would ever make her change a diaper, and when have I ever asked the other kids to do it either? I won't even get into Andy becuase we all know that he is the biggest kiddo I own.

And when Andy is old and gray and wearing depends, I'm tellin ya, the second he goes towards that corner I am telling him "Not It!"


Marla Fauchier Baltes said...

Too funny! Changing diapers is never very fun. My nephew will have accidents and hide it from me. Hours later I am like, " is that smell?" He looks at me and says, "Whad? Noding! It's noding!" Argh.

Stephanie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I'm going to have to remember that one. Chris refuses to change a stinky diaper.