Sunday, November 4, 2007

We are so Blessed......

Since Rhett came into our lives we have been extremely blessed. He has brought joy and happiness to us, he has taught us to love unconditionally, and he has brought many friends into our lives.

When he was overdosed this last February we had people from all over the country reaching out to us and offering to help. I had incredible friends whom I had never met in person raise money to help us, as well as friends that we knew that came to support us at the hospital.

I will never be able to thank those people enough. This year has been rough, and I know that I have voiced that more than any of you probably want to hear, but it really has been the hardest year of our lives.

It never ceases to amaze me that people out there are so willing to help us and share their love for Rhett with us. Just the other day I posted about Rhett and his new found love for Potato Heads. I know Potato Heads are fairly inexpensive, but at the same time, when every penny counts to go towards bills, well we just don't have that extra to go out and buy some. Just as I was thinking of hitting my mom up once again for a little extra to get him some....(remember, therapy toy.....great for that much needed extra fine motor skill work,) I received an email.

I had never met this amazing person, nor did I know that she read this blog, but she wanted to help us out and get Rhett some Potato Heads. I was so excited, and yet in awe that still to this day complete strangers reach out to us, and offer to help our family.

I was so excited yesterday when I went to our PO BOX, and there they were!! Rhett has spent the majority of the day playing with his new heads. He has been very adamant as well that he tell everyone that comes anywhere near them...."NO!!!"

Thank you so much Irene, you have touched our lives more than you know, there are no words to thank you enough. Here are some pictures of Rhett with his new best friends!!!

OOOHHHHH!! Look what I got!!!

He kept waving it's hand up and down saying "Hi!!!!"

YAY!! Another one!!!

Imagine his best growly robot voice as he moves the arm up and down.....

Shoes!! (Dad had turned the Spiderman one into Peter Parker....)MEN!!

Rhett says thank you Irene, and he is sending you the biggest hugs and kisses he can!!!


~Melissa~ said...

What a nice gift! He looks so happy playing with his new toys!

Tammy and Parker said...

How awesome!

mum2brady said...

Awwww - so fun!!! Love the spidey one!

Niksmom said...

That is the sweetest thing. Random acts of kindness...we need more in this world, don't we?