Saturday, December 1, 2007


We had so much fun today. Fist of all, we woke up to a ton of snow this morning. The kids were all very excited, and went out and played in it. They couldn't stay out for too long though.

None of them have snow boots or snow pants, and only Dakota had gloves. So it was a quick run out freeze your pants off after 15 min type of play in the snow.

It didn't bother them any because I got my hot chocolate maker out and made some hot chocolate for them when they came in, and we had marshmallows and whip cream in it too.


Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Christmas?

Then this afternoon we all bundled up and headed to the mall to see Rachel Coleman from Signing Time! Chloee was awfully excited about this, and it's all she's been able to think about for the past 4 days.

When we got up there to get a picture and our autographs, Chloee walks up to the table and says to Rachel, "I am going to be you when I grow up!"

Rachel laughed and said, "That's good, cause when you grow up I am going to be really old, and I'll need someone to take my place!!"

Have I ever mentioned that Rachel is simply amazing?

Well, she is.

She has made such a huge difference in our lives, and quite frankly my two younger kids worship her. We didn't get Dakota and Hunter in the picture because the Kiosk was right across from a video game store, and well, they were much more interested in video games.

Sorry Rachel.

Another note, Chloee thinks Alex is awfully cute.

After we did that, we drug Koda and hunter out of the video game store to go see Santa. Rhett was all about the fat guy in the red suit. He was very intrigued by his beard, and his soft clothes.

It also came to our attention that last year by the time Santa got to our house, there were only two cookies left, and he was a bit perturbed, so he threatened the two older boys that if there is only two cookies this year, they are getting zilch when it comes to the present department.

So now they have it all planned out that I am making a bunch of cookies for Santa so that they get lots of presents.

Thanks Santa.

After the mall we drove around and looked at Christmas lights and when we got to our house it looked so pretty with all of the newly fallen snow that I had to take some pictures. We didn't get the lights up above the garage before it snowed, so it's only half done. But its still cute!!


Marla Fauchier Baltes said...

Sounds like a great time! No real snow here yet.

Kei said...

What a great day. Chloee is too cute, and I love Rachel's response. Glad you got to go see her.

Rhett's adorable & I want to scoop him up and smooch those cubby cheeks!!

Sustenance Scout said...

Sounds like a fun start to the season at your house! Enjoy! K.

Anonymous said...

what a fun day !
cute pictures......