Monday, January 7, 2008

Event Monitor for a Month?!?!?!

Rhett is going to be setting a new trend. He is going to be wearing a box on him for the next thirty days to track his heart rhythm. He has been going from Bradychardia, (low heart rate) to Tachychardia, (high heart rate) and everything in between for the last week or two.

He has also been out of breath and breathing really fast after he crawls from one room to another. This just started over the weekend. He woke up this morning drenched in sweat, and he had no blankets on him, and only a light weight cotton one piece jammy set on.

These symptoms are all pointing towards something not going right with his heart. Hence the monitor, and the trip to visit the Cardiologist on the 21st. After his last echo we weren't supposed to be back there for 6 months, yet we have managed to land ourselves in his office 3x since then.

Oh, and that weird rash that I was talking about in my last post? Well apparently it's Petechia. Which can be caused by a viral infection, or it can also be a sign of more serious things that I am not even going to think about. We have been in contact with his Dr. and are waiting to see if we need some blood work done. I am sure it is something viral. There is so much going around right now.

So once again the drama at our house never ends. Blech.

On a higher note; I got a call from Dakota's English teacher today, and I'll admit it I almost didn't answer the phone because I had just gotten off the phone with the cardiologist and did not want to hear that there was a problem with him at school.

But she called to tell me that she was very proud of him, and that he had made a huge milestone in class today. He actually volunteered to get up in front of the whole class and do some work on the board, and he shared a Star Wars book that he got for Christmas with them, and picked apart the sentences to show the class what type of text the teacher was talking about.

This is H-U-G-E.

Any of you out there who have a child with Autism, and social anxiety disorder can really appreciate this. Dakota never does anything with his peers, let alone getting up in a classroom full of them and teaching them something. Wow.

I was so dang proud I was in tears.

See, good things happen here too!


The Snell Family said...

It is good to hear that your worries are being checked out, I hope you get answers soon. I can feel the pride you have for Dakota, that is wonderful. I have worked with twin boys, one with Autism and the other with selective mutisim, when even the smallest thing they do to interact makes your day.
Way to go MOM. It helps knowing you still do so much for your older kids too.


Niksmom said...

Wow, Pam, talk about highs and lows. Rhett stays in my prayers; he is such a trooper like my Nik. :-)

Dakota's accomplishment is something to be celebrated, for sure. Thanks for sharing the good with the bad today. xo

Kaden's mommy said...

I am sorry to hear about little Rhett. I hope everything starts going better for him and that his heart is fine, sometimes it sounds weird to say but hopefully it is "just" something viral. Poor little guy.
On the other hand...way to go Dakota!!! That must have taken some brave guts to get up there like that, especially when it is something he doesn't do very often. I just want you to know that you and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers...I will say some extra prayers for Rhett. I hope he starts feeling better soon and that you get some good news. Take care, Amy

amy flege said...

i hope you find out what is wrong with rhett. i have missed you on the forum!!!

my--four--sons said...

Yay Dakota!! Stories like those gives me hope for my little guy with autism.

Dragonstar said...

Oh well done Dakota! That is so wonderful!

Loads of positive vibes coming your way for 28th January.


Marla said...

I am so glad you had some good news from the school! I am so proud of him sharing his book. That is a big deal!

You have so much going on with his health I can't imagine the stress you must be feeling right now. How are you coping with everything? It sounds like you are doing well. I hope so. I will be praying that the rash and other signs in regards to his heart are nothing serious. Hugs.

BiLlY, sAm, AnD bOyS!!! said...

Great job Dakota!!!

Rhett is always in my thoughts. We will hope for the best! Good luck!

mom2noah said...

Pam, just got caught up on your blog. OMG, how do you have the strength to wake up in the AM. I will keep Rhett in my prayers in hope everything checks out OK with his heart. How scarey. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news about Dakota. Funny how you think things couldn't get any worse and something so sweet and encouraging turns the corner. Give Rhett a big ole hug for me.

Marla said...

I am sorry junior high is so tough for Dakota. That is a tough time for all kids, I imagine it is even harder for autistic children. So, Dakota is in an inclusive classroom? What types of services does he get with the school? You sure do have your hands full. I can barely handle one child and you are doing great with four! You are an inspiration to me.

Michelle said...

Way to go Dakota!!