Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Next Week = The Week From Hell........

Well we have a date for Andy's back surgery. The 31st of January. Which means that next week is going to be Hell.

Monday will be Rhett's MRI's and Echo, then Thursday Andy will have his back surgery. Talk about stress.

The surgeon was quite impressed that Andy is still walking, let alone that he has been working through all of this. He told us that he hasn't seen a 30 yr old with a back as bad as his in a very long time. While he was looking at the MRI results he just sat there and shook his head.

For now they are doing a temporary fix and removing the bulging disks. Which will be two of them . The third one is mild and they are leaving that alone for the time being. With Andy being as young as he is, the surgeon wants to do the least invasive thing to get him by for a few years.

But if this doesn't do the job, or when his back gets to really bothering him again they are going to have to fuse it, and reinforce it with rods and screws. This is really not cool. He should not have these types of problems so young. He will never be what he was a few years ago, and he will always have some type of back pain.

He will be in the hospital for about 24 hours after the surgery, and then will be home for the rest of his recovery. He can't work until April, and then he has to do a complete career change. He can no longer use his brawn's, he now has to use his brains instead. Any of you that know Andy, know that he is all brawn's and no brains......(hee hee hee, kidding honey, I love you!!)

In all reality he has engineered many parts and such for things that he builds. He may go back to school for an engineering degree or something like that. He has lots of potential, and has a ton of management skills as well. I know that he will do well with whatever he chooses to do. He really wants to get his Pet Store off the ground now, (Rhett's Pet's) but we need to get the funds to do it first.

So yeah, that's what we will be doing next week. Things just keep getting better and better, at our house, no?


Christine said...

Wishing you Godspeed through next week. Blessings.

Sis Sarah said...

I'm glad he is getting in so much sooner. Has he contacted Voc Rehab??? They may be able to help with a career change.

Marla said...

I can't believe his back is so bad at his age. That is so sad. I bet he is quite frustrated. My prayers for the surgery. I can imagine you are not looking forward to next week. Our week is not near as stressful as yours but I will be in the hospital with M for her EEG for 3 days. I am not looking forward to it.


Childlife said...

We'll be praying for you at our house! Hope to hear very good news soon.

Damama T said...

OH HONEY! I'm so sorry. You know that you guys are in my prayers. Hopefully your mom can come help out some next week? Who DO you have to help some?

Have you thought about checking with the local Senior Center (old folks recreation places we have here in Texas - don't know if there are any there or not) to see if there's anybody there who'd like to volunteer to come play granny nanny for a few days to help out? They love doing that at my MIL's center.

XOXO! I'm SO glad to be back online! I've missed you!