Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fevers, and More Fevers......

I don't know what's going through our house, but man, my kids are really sick. Chloee missed school all last week. She had a constant fever, and body aches, and a cough. Now Hunter has it and seems to be even sicker than Chloee was.

With his Asthma he always seems to get these things a little worse than the rest of the kids. He also is the only one who can't have a flu shot in the family, because he is allergic to eggs.

So far the worst part of the bug seems to be the fevers. They don't drop below 100.9, even with switching between Tylenol and Advil every 4 hours. There were nights last week that Chloee was crying out in her sleep, and then would wake up and talk about wanting the ducks to go away. Can we say delirious?

Hunter came home from school yesterday complaining of feeling light, like he wasn't in his body, and of a major headache, and dizzy. Sure enough, I feel his forehead and he is burning up. He slept in the living room by our bedroom last night, and was crying out in his sleep all night. His cough is alot worse than Chloee's was.

Dakota is on a scout camp out cross country skiing, and sledding, so I hope he hasn't come down with it while in the mountians in the cold. Now I am just sitting here waiting for Rhett to start to show symptoms. I can't seem to keep the kids out of his face. They are so used to loving on him, and constantly kissing him that they forget when they are sick they need to stay away.

The MRI went well yesterday. No complications. We won't get any results until Monday at the soonest. I was really on edge, and annoyed with the people in Pre-op. I walked in, and all the check in desks were full, so I gave them my name and went and sat down, I waited for 20 min, and then watched three other patients walk in and get registered right away. So I went up to the desk, and told them that I had been sitting there for 20 min, and nobody had called my name. She rolled her eyes at me, and said, "Well did you even give us your name?"

So given all of the stress I have been under the last....forever.......I pulled out my attitude, and said, "Uh, yeah, I'm not incompetent like some people." Boy if that didn't ever get the looks going my way. Good lord I have been through this a thousand times already. I know the routine.

Then I had to get the tech that does all of his vitals, and she can hardly speak a word of English, and keeps telling Rhett, who I know is picking up on my being irritated, thus thrashing all over anytime she touches him, "Boy, stop it!"

Then she tries to explain everything she is doing, although I only get a few words that I can understand. Oxygen, pressure, and foot, and "Boy, stop it!" are the only words I think I understood the whole half hour that she was in the room with us.

Ugh, I was so irritated with everything.

Then the anesthesiologist comes in, and explains all of the risks that Rhett has going under, possibly aspirating, blah, blah, blah. Then he says that he will need to put a IV in, yes, I know this.........then he puts Rhett into that cookie cutter mold, of well, all kids with Down Syndrome are a hard stick, so it might take him a while.

So I then I explain to him, that Rhett is not a hard stick unless he is really dehydrated, or he has been in the PICU forever and they have already used up all of his veins. He looks at me like I am crazy, and we proceed down to the 1st floor to the MRI room.

He keeps treating me like I don't know the hospital, and I have no idea what is going on, even though I have told him at least 200 times that I know what they are doing, and I know how to get back to the waiting room, I know that he is going to put a breathing tube in. Then he tells me that I can't walk the halls, because he will transport him back up to the PACU on the vent, and I don't want to see him with a breathing tube in.

I tell him, thank you, but I have seen him many times on the vent, and I am not going to freak out. He looks at me like I have just sprouted two heads, and says, "oh I guess you know what you are doing. " All I can think of is Bill Engvall, and "Here's Your Sign"

Most of the time when people look at his history, they know what we have been through, and they don't sit there and treat me like I have no clue what's going on, but man, everyone was just so weird yesterday, and it was bugging the crap out of me.

I guess I have just gotten used to his doctors that treat me with and respect my knowledge of my son, and his medical conditions.

Anyways, I am just frustrated with everything right now. I need to go on a big shopping spree to relieve my if I can just find that damn money tree..........


Niksmom said...

Hoo boy! If I had a big ol' money tree I'd pick off a handful of hundreds and toss 'em your way! :-)

It sure sounds like they didn't even bother to look at his records from the way they were talking to you. Sheesh!

Hope the results are positive and provide answers or reassurances.

Meanwhile, try to get yourself some rest withyour household full of sick kids! God bless you, girl!

Michelle said...

Geesh - sounds like our last trip. No, we are not silly people who know nothing of our son's condition, his needs while under, etc., etc. Sorry that you had to endure that! ICK!

And, I sure do hope Chloee and Hunter are feeling better soon. Just don't you go and get the bug like I did from Nora. Got it?! :) Call if you need anything. Has the big, blue fluffy thing arrived yet? Hugs, sister!

Tami said...

Oh Pam, dont let the "Gestapo" bug you! You DO know whats best for your son. I hope he is NOT getting the bug you have. Sounds like my kids when they get their yearly sinus infection. I feel for you and the crabby attitudes that you experienced. Hang in there!!!
Tami- Thatchers mom

Kari said...

UGH I so feel your frustration. What sends me over the edge is the nurses have a hard time to medicate Tristan when he is admitted so I usually will say just leave the meds and I'll give them to him. Then shift change and you get Nazi nurse that insists she do the medicating (Umm hello used to work in Psychiatric and administering meds was my job)and when she can't do it she says "How on Earth are you going to give him his meds when you get home" LIKE I have never given meds. I just want to scream go look at his file and see what he takes daily when he is not admitted! Anyway Hang in there. Your an inspiration and doing a fantastic job Pam! Sounds like your kiddos are all really sick I sure hope they get better ASAP and Rhett or you don't get it. I'll be praying for you. Hopefully that money Tree will sprout somehow and soon (((HUGS)))

Marla said...

Oh my God! That tech really makes me angry! Not good.

And everyone is sick!!!! Ugh! I am sending massive prayers your way today. I am so sorry. Illnesses for the whole family is the last thing you need. When will you be cut some slack????


Brent & Jodie said...

I sure hope you are all felling better soon. Sounds to me like the kids have the flu, plain and simple. We have had it here despite our flu shots. It is misery. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!!

rachel said...

Oh Pam! What a way to end the week. I have been so overwhelmed and an emotional wreck lately and I took it out on one of my good friends. I knew that I had to do something to release all the built up frustrations! A shopping spree would be a fantastic solution, but like you, I won't be going there right now. So I take it out on my treadmill. Now when I talk to my friends I say "you might want to call me back after I get on the treadmill!" I hope you can find something that works for you. Take care my friend!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

hahaha I've handed out lots of signs at our hospital in the past week too... sometimes it makes you wonder what these medical "professionals" are thinking huh?! Us lowly moms, we couldn't POSSIBLY understand complicated things like sedation! Heaven forbid. GRRR I'm right there with you! Anyway, I hope all the kids are feeling better and Rhett didn't get the flu. Hang in there!
Renee & Kennedy

Megan said...

Let me know when you find that money tree because I have been looking for it too! (:
I love how you always keep humor in your posts, even crappy hospital day posts!

Damama T said...

Hope everyone is on the mend now. How was the weekend?

Regarding the staff treatment, what is the possibility that the hospital administration told everyone to handle you with the utmost care without giving any explanation of your previous situation and they took that to mean you needed hand holding? Just a thought. Doesn't make being treated like a moron any easier, but just might explain a little of it.

As the for the witch at registration... get her name for me.. heh heh heh... I have no problem ratting people out. And your name would never have to enter into it. That'd teach her to mess with one of MINE! ;o) xoxoxo

Childlife said...

Sheesh... just reading this I wanted to slap "Miss Boy Stop It!" We've had hospital days like this too and they're the worst. I just cracked up at your Bill Engvall reference... my husband and I have often joked about the exact same thing :)

Hope things get better, Pam... REAL QUICK!