Monday, February 18, 2008

Game On........

So far we are still on to be admitted for the PH Probe tomorrow. If they reschedule again, I may just have to have a come apart. I hope the hospital has a bed space for him. He is so grumpy, and spitty without his Prevacid. I just love being bathed in whatever food he has eaten, and I am sure he is sick of choking and coughing all night long, on the gunk coming up.

Sad that I am actually hoping to get to stay at PCMC, eh? I am sure that when it comes time for all of his other surgeries in the next few months I will be less than thrilled. I am not looking forward to the cold showers at that hospital that's for sure, and I am really not looking forward to being in the PICU. It will be the first time in there since his overdose.

Do you think it will be to much to ask for the nurses to each do their own conversions, then have the charge nurse do her own conversion as well as check off that he is getting the right amount of meds? I can already forsee that I will be a huge pain in the butt.

We also are going in on Friday for an MRI on his spine. I am super tired this week, and it's only Monday. My thoughts are coming out in a jumbled mess, and I can't think straight.

Rhett's been really congested, and had a slight cough. Mostly through out the night and in the mornings. The good news is that it is all clear snot, and not green gunk. Which I am hoping just means that he is congested because our humidifier broke, and so the air is really dry. I haven't got alot of sleep though, he can't lay flat without stuffing up and turning colors. Namely, blue and purple around his eyes and lips. His sats drop, to the 80's and I am really thinking I need something other than a bulb syringe and Simply Saline.

He is being so naughty about keeping his oxygen on too. If I am not sleeping right by him he rips it off at night. During the day I have to keep constant vigil on him as well, or he rips it off. Gosh, one would think he is two or something.

Well I am off do maybe do something productive for the day, I need to do some laundry for myself so I don't have to go up to the hospital naked tomorow. The kids are home from school for the day, so maybe I will use them as a babysitter so I can sneak in a nap. This 3 hours of sleep a night is really getting to me, and I am sure tomorrow night in the hospital is going to be loads of fun too.

Hope you all have a super fantastic day!


Niksmom said...

Oh boy, you sound frazzled already, my dear! BTW, the clear snotty gunk...that's from the reflux; I'd bet money on it. Nik gets that way when his is flaring up or if he doesn't get his meds on time.

Hope everything works out and you get a chance to regroup and destress.

Sending love and prayers.

The Bryant Family said...

Boy Rhett sounds like Tucker. Tucker's sats are usually in the 70s though already. He is fighting the congestion and not laying flat. We put a frog humidifier in his room to help the dry, we have yet to get one put on the entire house yet (money ya know and that is tight always) Tucker is really purple also, mornings and at night are the worst for the congestion. It takes a few hours in the morning to stop the coughing and hacking. Tuck does have some green boogies though. Part of the RSV I guess. Oh and yeah you need a suction machine--they are great. We ended up with one after we had the flu a year or so ago. The insurance paid the monthly rental until we had paid for it and now we have it. He absolutely hates the thing and he turns a beautiful shade of blue but he sure does better throughout the night after being cleaned of the boogies. You might check into it, see if your doc can write an order for it. (just a thought) Good luck at the doc and I will say a little prayer for Rhett. Have a great day.

Marla said...

My prayers are with you. I hope everything goes well. Hospital showers are terrible! I think the nurses were annoyed with me too. I always insisted on seeing the medication whenever it was time.

I wish I could take home your laundry for ya. I would get it all caught up for you during this stressful time.

Sis Sarah said...

My toddler son has been on o2 for over a year now. I've found that if I put a small amount of tegaderm over the tendergrip it's awfully hard for my son to rip off. And the tegaderm is much easier to clean then the impossible tendergrip.

We also use this You can request a sample. It's much nicer on the skin than the tendergrips.

Hope all the testing and hospital stays go well.

Kari said...

Thinking of you and your sweet boy today. Keeping you in my prayers.

pink dogwood said...

Found your blog via Empathy blog.

Hang in there - hope you get some rest. Rhett is absolutely adorable.

Damama T said...

Praying that all goes well. For you and Rhett!

Childlife said...

Goodness Pam - if I lived close, I would volunteer to relieve you so you could get a full night of sleep!

We had night nurses in our home when our oldest was little and going through all her stuff. I remember we had a couple of pretty long stints with no night nurses ('cause I had fired a bunch of them) and boy, does that sleep deprivation wear you down fast!

Can you get night nursing covered through your state's MFCU program? We qualified for a MFCU waiver due the level of severity with our kiddo and had pretty good nursing coverage through the program. Wish I could do something to help you get some down time!