Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It has been suggested that I post the Elmo movies that we have so that if anyone has one they don't use anymore they can pass it along, so here is what we have so far, and a few that are coming our way......

Elmo's World.......
The Street That We Live On
Families, Bathtime, and Mail
The Great Outdoors
Elmo Has Two! Hands Ears, and Feet

The Best of Elmo
Elmo In Grouchland
Kids Favorite Songs Two
Sesame Street 25th Anniversary Musical Celebration

Also, it doesn't matter if they are DVD or VHS. We have both.

Another thing that we could really use is books. If you have any board books that are just hanging around your house collecting dust we would love them!!

Rhett spends alot of time during the day tied down in his high chair while hooked up to his feeding pump. During this time we watch the Signing Time and Elmo movies, but we also read books.

Books are a great thing to have, and he loves the Touch and Feel Books. We don't have a whole lot of books right now. Most of the ones we have are from When Dakota and Hunter were babies, and they have gotten quite worn out.

Also, I have been asked what type of toy could we use for Rhett.

While we were in the hospital we took a trip to the playroom, and Rhett discovered the Fisher Price Imaginext Dinosaurs. You push a button on their backs and the stomp around and roar. He LOVES these things. We don't have any of them so if anyone has any of those sitting around and wants to send them our way that would be great too.

Here is the address you can send them to:

Rhett Bird
P.O. Box 731
Springville, Utah 84663

Please know that we don't expect anything. People have said they want to help, and once again, I cannot respond to each email, I just don't have enough time. This is the best way to answer any questions.


Marla said...

Wonderful idea! I am so glad you are asking for what you need for Rhett.

Having special things to keep kids happy when they are not feeling well is very important. Our church worked together to get Maizie a lot of crafts after I had my surgery since I could not do much with her for about a month. They also arrive with things to keep her busy during hospital stays. That means a lot.

Melanie said...

We have a couple of things we will send your way!

Heather said...

We sent out a little package today. Since it is a P.O. box it could only go by regular mail so I am not sure when it might get there. Maybe friday or sat? Hope you are beginning to adjust to all the routine changes. Hope the package helps!

Love, Zoey's Family