Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Maybe Not Tomorrow........

So Rhett is still doing fairly well as far as his breathing and cough go.


Now we have some other issues that are going on.

1. High Blood Pressure, not sure what's going on with this, but they upped his blood pressure medication that they cut back on when we were here 2 weeks ago. They will be taking his pressures every hour tonight. We're in for a long night.

2. The nurse went to pull back his residuals from his stomach through his feeding tube, and we discovered that he still had over half of his feed from 4 hours ago in his stomach. This is the first time anyone has done this. I am not sure why no one has told me to do it before. I have always questioned if he digested things really slow. His nurse tonight ROCKS, that's all I'm saying.

3. We also might have a staph infection. When they placed his IV, they taped it really tight around his wrist and the side of his thumb. It started getting red on Saturday night, and on Sunday it was so red I made them take the IV out. The irriation was healing well until today when it started getting bright red again. So they came in and cultured that, and his face sores as well to check for staph. If we do have that, then they will start him on antibiotics.

I feel like with all of these things, they will keep him at least until Friday or Saturday. We want to make sure we are home for good, and not coming back up here in another couple of weeks. This is a trend that I would really like to stop. My ultimate goal is to have him stay home until his surgery in June.

So send lots of healthy vibes our way pleeeaaassseeee!!!

Even with these little set backs he is doing very well. I had to get a high chair brought into our room to keep him contained. He has been on the go all day long. Which is really hard when you are stuck in a little room all day long.

We did take a trip down to the bathtub tonight before bed. He always likes to wear the mask, but thinks it's a kleenex and tries to blow his nose in it.

He has mastered the See and Say that they have up here. He is loving this thing. Now I gotta get him one. He has learned that a rooster says a doow do doooooo, and he has to show everyone that comes in. I had to pry it out of his hands to get him to the tub tonight, he walked right out of the room with it held tightly in his arms.

Tonight I had a very sweet friend bring me dinner from a steak house around here. Oh my gosh it was like heaven. After 5 days of nothing but hospital food and the snacks in my room it was a wonderful dinner. I am still full. THANK YOU!!

I also had another friend bring me some fruit, crackers, and pretzels. Although it was when my sister was here, and she couldn't remember who it was. So THANK YOU to whoever brought it. I know it was someone from the IHH support group that I belong to.

Anways, I am off to get some ice cream. After all that yummy meat and potato I need something sweet!

Thank you so much again for all of the prayers and support. Somehow the words thank you just don't seem like enough, but truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know it's because of all of you that I keep going each day.


Chris said...

So sorry to hear about the staph infection. Sometimes when I read about the things you have encountered at this hospital, I pray that there was another one nearby that you could take Rhett to. Glad to hear you had some real food and the Rhett has found a new toy to keep him busy. Praying your home soon!

Niksmom said...

Well, you know, they do say that the hospital is the worst (best?) place to pick up things like staph infections. Still...ugh!

Adding my prayers that you guys make it home for the weekend and STAY home until the next scheduled surgery!

Childlife said...

I hope you get to come home soon, Pam!

I'm glad you had a really great nurse for the night and praying you have her again tonight.

Too funny with Rhett and his mask -- that is just the cutest thing! :)