Sunday, April 27, 2008

Suction Anyone?

I am sure Rhett would trade you places in a heart beat if anyone would like to be suctioned on his behalf. He is REALLY hating this.

He is rattling alot when he breathes out. His sats are still so so, not the best but haven't gone up above 2 1/2 liters today even when sleeping. Last night was rough, he peed all over both of us, and the bed, and the washers and dryers up here are all broken.

I only packed one set of jammies for me thinking I could just wash them as usual. There I go thinking again.

Memo to me: Jeans are not comfy sleep attire.

He has also gone through all of his pajamas that I brought up for him between all of his peeing, and spitting up, and the feeding tube leaking, and the junk that he likes to haulk up all over both of us.

Needless to say he got a bath this morning, and I got a shower. He thought it was cool that he got to put on a glove over his IV. He kept trying to tickle the nurses that were helping us with it. They were falling apart over him. They keep telling me that we ae very low maintenance. Duh....that's because I do everything for Rhett. The only thing they do is set the pumps and the IV stuff......and the suctioning. Have I mentioned that he hates that?

Anyways, Andy is here right now, and ready to go home. I left him for a second with Rhett, and told the nurse as I walked out that we were about to become high maintenance since Daddy has no idea what he is doing...... :)

They all laughed at me.

I only speak the truth.

Thanks for keeping our little guy in your prayers.



Niksmom said...

Ugh! I know what you mean about sleeping in jeans!

Any idea how long you are going to be in the hospital this time around? Give Rhett a squeeze from me and Nik? xo

Childlife said...

Oh,Pam... you poor thing! I am soooo sorry you guys are going through this and I hope things turn a corner for your really soon. Praying for you lots!

Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

I know exactly how poor Rhett must feel! Sydney got RSV too and man did she HATE the suctioning! I would hold her down while they suctioned her. She would fight and scream and cry and gag and look at me like I was the one doing it to her! I am so sorry that poor Rhett has yet another trial! I am praying that your poor family gets a break from all this soon! Good luck and stay strong!

Kari said...

Have I ever told you that I HATE RSV!! Hope your little guy gets all better fast! Poor Rhett and Mommy and daddy too!! I had a chuckle at your high maintenance comment. Hang in there girl it's nice too see that even through all this stress your keeping some sense of humour. (((HUGS)))