Thursday, May 8, 2008

Time For Some Fun......

Mrs. Wibbs, whom I absolutely adore tagged me for a Meme, so if hearing about me totally bores you, then you better skip this post. :)

What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago: Let's see, Andy and I were still newlyweds. We had just gotten married a month ago, Dakota was two, and I was pregnant with Hunter. We had just moved into our own apartment, and it was the first time I had ever been away from home and my mom. It was hard, but I made it!! Now as much as I love my mom there is no way I could live with her again!! (Love you mom!!)

5 Things On My To Do List Today: 1. Get out of bed, 2. Sled down, I mean work on my mountain of laundry, 3. Love on my kiddos, 4. Love on my hubby, 5. Bath every single child tonight before bed. (That's my BIGGEST task of all, too bad I don't have a pool to throw them all in and get it all done at once!!!)

Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire: Pay off all of our medical bills, buy a house, nothing fancy, just something that is ours, start some type of a foundation to help medically fragile children and their families get some of the care that they need. Go on a cruise with all of my friends and family.

3 Bad Habits: 1. NOT doing my laundry, 2. Grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw at night, 3. Just throwing a poopy diaper out on the porch rather than taking it out to the trash can. (I know, call me lazy)

5 Places I have Lived: 1. Springville, 2. Payson, 3. Orem, 4. Lehi, 5. Springville, (lot's of times just different homes)

5 Jobs That I Have Had: 1. Waitress, 2. Shopko Department Manager, 3. Telephone Surveys, 4. Store Manager for Hollywood Video, 5. Nurse Mom, so I don't have a degree.....who cares right?

5 People I Want To Know More About: 1. Sam from Just Us, 2. Michelle from Elliot's Expedition's, 3. Tami from Thatcher's Tree House, 4. Carolyn from The Quigley Happenings, 5. Stephanie from A is for Aiden


Stephanie said...

Dang, you're making me think!!

Anyhoo, I'll send you my copy of Road Map to Holland. I also have some tendergrips for Rhett.

Michelle said...

fun little meme. mine is done too. hugs lady. it is friday; drink some wine tonight okay?!

Anonymous said...

Love learning more about you.

Childlife said...

I love your list, Pam! :)

Gee, I wonder why you clench your teeth in your sleep?? (I fractured three molars doing the exact same thing while Jacqui was in the NICU - LOL!)

Hope you had a decent Mother's Day :)