Friday, June 20, 2008

Heat Packs, Warm Blankie's, and Toradol......

These are a few of Rhett's favorite things.

My poor little man. He is fine for the most part, but right before that dose of Toradol he has these episodes of pain where he can't hold still and cries, gags, and cries some more.

I really can't explain it. There isn't words for it. All I know is it's rough on both of us. When he does this we wrap him in a warm blanket, and put heat packs on his belly. It seems to comfort him because as soon as we do all of this he is out for two hours.

I am going to have to invest in a heating pad when we get home. He acts so gassy when he gets like this, and we try to vent his tube, but not much comes up. Eventually though he lets out some monster burps and calms down enough to go to sleep. He was having episodes like this every 4 hours, now it is down to twice a day. So he is improving. I just breaks my heart that he even has to deal with it at all.

His feeds have been upped, he is now getting them at a rate of 30 an hr rather than 15, and he is still tolerating it.

Now a request......

I have been totally addicted to Facebook since I have been up here. So if you are on face book come find me, or leave a comment on here and I will come find you. I am under Pamela Geertsen Bird.

Also sending big hugs to Andy......I miss you honey. Sell lots of cars this weekend okay???? I am going to need a shopping spree once I get home!!!! Pretty Please????

Okay, I know it's not happening, but a woman can dream can't she????


Mrs Wibbs said...

Pam, have added you to my friend's list on FB! Looking forward to chatting, if you're into the chat thing? I also am totally addicted to FB, and spend way too much time on it, for someone who has 3 young kids, a hubby and a home to lokk after!!
Like I said in my last comment, you are all in my thoughts and prayers all the time, and it is good to read of Rhett's progress, although less good to read of all that pain he has to go through... :o( But will be praying specifically for effective pain relief, and for him to be comfortable. And for you to stay strong.
Much love
Mrs Wibbs xx

Niksmom said...

Aw, poor little guy! I have a hazy recollection of Nik going through a "breaking in" period where he got so much gas built up in his tummy...even w/the venting. It's super uncomfortable with all the post-op tenderness and stuff.

Hey, if Rhett likes stuffed animals, you might want to consider getting him a "Hot Hugs" (see here: They are much nicer and don't have any cords for plug-in heating pads and they insulate the hot surface from tender skin. (Geez, I sound like an ad, huh?)

I'm sure you can find them for less somewhere else, too (ebay?)

Once he's getting more formula, you might want to ask your doc about simethicone (Mylicon) drops to help with gas relief. Some docs think it doesn't work but it works great for Nik. He gets 1 ml before each meal.

Sending hugs and soothing, pain-free thoughts your way!

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I will add you to my friends list on Facebook. I agree with the mylicon drops. They worked great for Kaden as well. For a long while he was on them, we have since been able to get rid of them. I have been told that the abdomen is one of the worst places for surgery. It just causes a lot of pain and takes awhile to heal. I hope things get better for Rhett soon. Thinking about you guys.


Candace Clark said...

I can't donate a lot of money but I noticed that Rhett likes Elmo, etc. My 2 year old son happens to like Elmo as well. Anyways I have a couple of Elmo books he no longer reads. I would love to send them to Rhett if that would be okay. Let me know. My e-mail is
The books are in really good condition.

Vaeh's Blog said...

Sorry I've not stopped by in a couple of days. I've been watching Elaina's blog so intently that I've kinda lost touch with some of my other kids!

Sorry to hear that he's in so much pain:0( Its so hard to see your child in pain & not be able to take it away! I was thinking about the mylicon as a suggestion too. Its helped Vaeh in the past.

Praying that Rhett begins to improve soon & get back to his 'normal' self!

((Heart Hugs))
Tina & Vaeh;0)
PS - If you don't mind I'd love to add Rhett to our list of heart friends on our blog! Feel free to visit our blog: - Thanks!

My Three Sons said...


I'm sorry to hear that Rhett is still uncomfortable. Just keep telling yourself that this is only for a short time and then he will feel good again. Hope your getting some rest as well.


Heather said...

Keeping tabs daily and praying you will both be home soon. I am so proud of Rhett and of you too. You continue to plow through all that comes your way and darn it ..... doesn't that little guy keep smiling!!We are all thankful for that.

Love from Zoey and crew

MAYBERRY said...

Hi Pam. Rhett looks good in the pictures, but I'm sorry to hear about the pain. I just wanted to tell about a heating pad we use at our house. And maybe you have heard of it before. You just take some material and sew it together like a square. Leave a little opening and fill it with rice. Not instant, just regular. Stitch up the little opening. Then to heat it you stick it in the microwave. My kids use theirs all winter long. The good thing is you can put the heating pad in bed with the kids and not have to worry cause it will cool down during the night and there are no cords involved. But, you have to have a cup of water in your microwave when you heat it up. We ruined a microwave once because we heat them up so much and didn't know you had to have water with it. So now we just keep a cup in there all the time and I just check it every few days to make sure there is still water in it. If we lived up north I would get one to you, but we are in St. George. Sorry. Hope things continue to go uphill for you. :)
Carolyn H. (mom to Ashton, HRHS, dextrocardia, etc)

Kari said...

I added you to FB.
Breaks my heart that Rhett is still suffering with pain :( Sounds like he is doing well and improving quickly though. Keeping you all in my prayers (((HUGS)))

Isabella said...

Poor little guy. I hope he feels better soon.
I am also very addicted to facebook so I will be coming to find you!! :)
Love and Prayers Always

Mary said...

Glad to hear it is happening less often. Praying he is pain free soon.

AmyG said...

I have been wondering how Rhett was doing this week and the light bulb finally turned on and I remembered you had a blog. With a little help from google I was able to find it. I hope he is well enough to come home soon. I have been keeping him in my prayers. If you need one of those rice heating pads I do have one at my house that you are more then welcome to use. Also if the rest of your family is in need of anything at the house please let me know.

Amy Glazier

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

Does Rhett have the cathetor or the button? How long has he had it? I cant totally sympathize with you. Unfortunately mylicon didn't work for Nathan. We had to be really careful to vent that button almost on the hour during the day for about the first month and half he had it. It can be so miserable for the child and as a parent you just feel so helpless! I actually hadn't thought to use a heating pad (I'm going to give that a try to see if it helps.) Good luck!

Michelle said...

Hi Pam ... I'm a faithful lurker here ... I'm sorry to hear that Rhett is still experiencing some pain. I hope your beautiful boy feels better soon. I know what it's like to watch your child suffer and it's unbearable ... so my heart goes out to both you and Rhett. I added you as a friend on Facebook. (((Hugs))) to you and to Rhett.


Sis Sarah said...

I hope he starts feeling better soon. I'd do the gas drops too.

Added you to my facebook. Love your picture on it.