Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prayer Requests for Rhett's Friends......

Last night was a long one. It was rough for me, and it wasn't even my child. Let me back up....

I have been following Hollie and Elaina's blog for a while now. They live not too far away from Rhett and I, and I have fallen in love with Elaina. When we were in the PICU, I finally got to meet them. Let me tell you that Elaina is just a little love muffin. Her toes are so adorable, and her cheekys are the cutest little cheekys ever.

Elaina was born with a heart defect and has been fighting since day one. She also has a chromosome disorder like Rhett, however she has a deleted chromosome rather than an extra one. So they have been hanging out here at PCMC for the last 5 weeks with heart and lung issues. Last Thursday Elaina had her Glenn done. She has been slowly declining since then.

Last night when the Dr. ( who did Rhett's heart surgery ) came in to close her chest he said that the Glenn didn't look right, and he was worried about her. They were going to schedule her first thing tomorrow (which would have been today) to have her Glenn redone, but Elaina started having sats in the 30's and 40's. So they took her in for emergency surgery last night.

After I got Rhett down for the night I went to find Hollie and ended up staying with her until the surgeon came in around 2:30 am. They were able to re-do the Glenn, and they added a shunt to help get some good blood flow to the lungs.

So the surgeons have done what they can do, and basically fixed things, but the problem is that her lungs are very sick. So she needs your prayers right now. Her mommy could use a few too. She was so strong last night, and in much better spirits than I would have been. She is an amazing mommy.

So if you get a second will you stop by their blog and let them know you are praying for them?

Also Keep cute little Teagan in your prayers today too. He is having a heart cath right now, and will be undergoing his second surgery soon.

And little Alex is having a minor surgery done today as well.

These are all amazing families whom I have grown to love.


melody is slurping life said...

Thank you for the updates. Still praying for Rhett...and including his friends.

Stay strong.

My Three Sons said...

You are a remarkable Pam. Here your at the hospital with your son and you find an unselfish act to help out the other families in need. God will see that as well. My family will say a prayer for all of the mentioned families.

God Bless