Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This Hospital is an Icebox!!!

I am freezing here!! I have to walk outside just to get warm!!

I was lucky enough to get a parent sleep room in the ICU last night. There is only 6 of them, and there were 11 people on the list. Ah the simple things that make one happy. I slept okay, but I am beginning to realize that once you go to a mattress that has no springs, and relives pressure points you never go back. My hips and back are killing me today. I woke up and could hardly walk. I know the beds can't be THAT bad, I just think I have been spoiled with our new bed.

Rhett is doing okay, he has been able to stay on the Morphine for now. Today though his eyes are just starting to get red and he is rubbing them alot. He slept pretty much all day yesterday and last night, and when I came in he was just laying there playing with his pulse ox probe. He was excited to see me.

He sat up without thinking about it, and that hurt him. His feeding tube is open right now and they have a diaper catching the drainage, he is quite perplexed with this concept. He keeps handing it to me and telling me bum. This kid never ceases to amaze me with his intelligence. He is smart as a whip.

He has been spitting alot and gagging, and his tube dumped a bunch of juice out and it was gurgling quite a bit. He acted like it was hurting when it was gurgling. It's sad to see.

We are hoping to get transferred to the floor today. He has done an amazing job with his oxygen saturation's, which is what they worry about. So I am hoping that means his pulmonary hypertension is getting better.

For now we just hang out and wait to go home. I know we are still days away from that but I still can dream. We have had all of our adoring fans that work in the PICU come in and say hi. The nurse that took care of him just after he was overdosed...(we call him the clean up nurse, our hero..) keeps coming in and making sure everyone is taking good care of "his boy."

The PICU is very quite compared to what we usually see. It's weird.

So that's all I can think of, not much going on, kind of boring, and I hope it stays that way. I absolutely LOVE boring these days!!

I am off to walk outside and warm back up before I go freeze again.

Love you Koda, Hunter Man, and Boo. I miss you guys. Be good for Grandma, Aunt Kristie, and Daddy. ----Love, Mommy


My Three Sons said...

Keep up the good work and get better soon. I want to see you out on your slip n slide soon:-). Glad to hear that he seems to be comfortable. Your family is always in my thoughts.

Love Kaci

Niksmom said...

Sounds like Rhett is doing really well. Yay! All the stuff you described about the tube sounds pretty much like what we went through with Nik's. Hope the morphine holds him and he heals quickly so you guys can get back home to all your loved ones!

~Melissa~ said...

So glad that Rhett is doing well overall!!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear more good news, I spoke to Andy last night. I am coming that way Thursday. If there is ANYTHING you need please let me know.


jenhiatt said...

I am so happy to hear how well he is doing... I keep checking for updates, so keep writing :) All of Rhett's fans need to know!!

Julie South said...

I am so glad to hear Rhett is doing so well. We are praying his recovery continues to go well and that you are back together as a family soon!
Love, Julie- MWP

little.birdy said...

I'm so glad that all is going well for Rhett! He seems to be taking this all in stride. I hope the morphine continues to work and that by the time you see this comment you are out of the ICU!