Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Item and Stuff......

My wonderful friend Tonya has offered a beautiful pink rag quilt as another item.

Isn't it pretty?

So by donating you could have a chance to win either the quilt or Andy's "Tatanka" drawing.

I also forgot to mention that for every 10.00 you donate puts your name in the drawing at the end of July. (Andy was sure to remind me of this!!) Thank you honey.

Now on to better stuff. I ate some bad food Tuesday, (okay so maybe this isn't all THAT better!!), so I ended up missing Rhett's appointment at PCMC on Wednesday. I just did not want to be that far away from my home as yucky as I was feeling. So it's been rescheduled for next Wednesday.

Well by that night I was feeling better so Andy conned me into playing Softball on a coed softball team. We ended up playing two games because they are in tournament, and mind you I haven't swung a bat since October. Although I did very well and I had a lot of fun......

I forgot I even had half of the muscles in my body that I used that night. But no worries I am playing again tonight. No pain no gain right?

Yesterday Rhett got to hang out with grandma. I was going to go over to our house and clean, but against my better judgement, (and an offer from my sister to pay) Her and I took my older kids swimming.

It's a brand new outdoor pool, and it was so much fun. With my sister there I was able to go on the bigger slides with my boys, while she watched Chloee, and then I was able to play on the kiddie stuff with Chloee while my sister took the boys over to the deep end to go off of the diving board.

Then we all chased each other around the lazy river. So today I am supposed to be packing and cleaning, but of course I am blogging instead. I'll get it done sooner or later. There is just sooo much to do.

Other than that things are going well, Rhett's stoma is finally starting to close over and his tube is staying in place much better. He is tolerating bolus feeds now, back to where he was before his surgery.

He is also working on eating second foods baby food. We don't want him to loose his oral motor skills since he was such a good eater before his airway surgery, and after talking with his surgeons, and the speech specialists, and the GI Dr. they all decided that the second foods should be thick enough that he wouldn't aspirate them, but thin enough to get through his Nissen.

Again I am very pleased with the progress he is making. It seems like things are going in the right direction, and that's the way we want to go!!! He sees his cardiologist later this month, as well as has his transition meeting for pre-school. I was thinking of home schooling him, but if he is going to continue to do well, we may send him in October when he turns three. He really needs some structure. We are going to start taking him to play group after we move. He has enjoyed the times that we have taken him before.

Last but not least I need to get my kids registered in their old schools. I am having a hard time on what to do with Dakota though. The Jr. High that he has been in, has done wonders for him. His last report card was straight A's. He has NEVER had a report card like that. It's because the staff there and his resource teacher were amazing, and would actually take the time with him and work with him and follow his IEP.

At the school where we are moving, he had mostly C's and D's. My mom has offered to let him stay with her during the week, and using her address so that the bus will come pick him up, but I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I want him to succeed, and I want him in the very best school that he can be in. On the other hand I don't want him to be gone that long. I miss him when he is gone, and it makes me sad that he would only be here on the weekends and the days that school isn't in session. Another pro to this situation is that his grandma works at that school and it has helped so much with the bullying situation.

With Dakota's disabilities and the fact that socially he is only at a 6 yr old level, it makes him a prime target for other kids to pick on. He had a lot of bullying at the old school, and he wasn't happy there. But with the school that he has been in he has been so happy, and the teachers have watched over him and helped him so much.

I know for me Jr. High was my worst years trying to find where I belong, and fitting in. So I can't imagine adding a disability on top of it.

I don't know what to do. All I want to do is what's best for Dakota. This is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. He's a good kid, and I don't want him hurt at school, but as I said before it would be really hard on our family to have him gone so much.

Life is full of tough decisions, makes me kind of wonder why I wanted to grow up so fast when I was a kid. :)


That One Girl said...

I am not sure what the rules are where you live but I know that in California if a child is having success within a certain school which caters to disabilities better then the previous one a district transfer can happen and a lot of time they will provide the transportation.

When I was working as a behavioral therapist for autistic kids we had a lot who were able to transfer to schools further away because of their autism programs.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I couldn't even imagine having to make that decision. From an outsiders perspective afer reading everything, I was thinking maybe you could try having him stay at grandma's and see how it works out. If it doesn't seem to work out transfer him back to the old school. I know that you have a hard decision in front of you, but it will come to you. Good luck, whatever you decide will be right for your family.


Kate said...

Have you considered homeschooling Dakota? That would eliminate the bullying at school and also enable you to keep him at home as part of the family during the week.

Anonymous said...

I think, you definitely should find a way to keep Dakota in the good school. Is it very far from your new (old) house? maybe Andy could drive him to school in the morning on his way to work and then he would go to Grandma's after school, do his homework, and then Andy would pick him up on his way home from work? If it's hard to do every day, you can have him stay at Grandma's couple nights a week...
Just an idea.
Your reader from CT

Carla said...

Pam, Where I live in southern california, you are able to choose which school in the district you want to go to. For special education, you are able to have that put in his IEP so that they have to accomodate those needs, as the school he is at now is better for him. Some families have been able to get transportation for it even, but I wouldnt hold my breath on that unless you were very persevering and loud! I think it is worth finding a way to allow him to stay there unless you would be interested in homeschooling. I homeschool and we love it.

Take Care,

Kari said...

My heart hurts thinking how tough this decision about schooling for Dakota must be. My 2 cents is while going through the decision making process put Dakota first. Yes it may be tough on your family to be apart from him but what's best for him? Now I'm not saying I think you should have him at your Mom's. I don't know anything about Dakota. I just know that having Tristan stay with my Mom for 1 night is too long and I can't imagine an entire week. Tristan is happiest at home with him family and familiar surroundings. Happiness is my number one goal for my children above all. Why can't he stay in the same school? Is it that far away? UGH what a decision that stinks! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

I am so glad playing soft ball was so much fun.

Good luck with the schooling decision. Never an easy choice.

Maren said...

Hi Pam and Rhett,
Just making sure that everything is okay with you guys!

The Vargas Family

Maren said...

Hi Pam and Rhett,
Just making sure that everything is okay with you guys!

The Vargas Family

Stephanie said...

Hi Pam! I'm sure you are busy getting ready to move. I just wanted to pop in and say we are thinking of you all! By the way, 3 of my kids will be homeschooling through a school district in Kansas with an online program called K12. Since the curriculum if offered through the district, the tuition is free. Here is a link for the program in Utah.

I wish you well as you make tough decisions for your sweet children.

Brent & Jodie said...

Just checking has been awhile since you posted last which is not like you. :) Hope all is well. Kiss Rhett for us!!

CrackerJacks said...

Karen over at The Bryant Family News has passed on an award to you. Check it out!

Lovely Quilt too!

Kari said...

Hmm No new post still? Hope your ok. I'm thinking about you!

Jen P said...

Checking in. Hope you are settling in well.

Becca said...

I hope no posts means that you've been busy moving back into your house, settling in, and enjoying peace!

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Just thinking about you and your family. I am sure you have been busy, just hoping that things are going well.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all doing well and the move is going smoothly. Sending hugs and prayers for Rhet.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard from Pam? I have been following this blog for a while now and I do not remember her not posting for this long. I am concerned that maybe something horrible has happened. I hope she is just to busy with moving and maybe they do not have internet access yet. I sure hope it is something that simple.
If you happen to have talked with her please post here in the comments so we all know they are okay.