Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Interview With ABC 4 News.......

As many of you know, the new movie with Ben Stiller, Tropic Thunder, has caused an outrage in the disability community. I was so hurt and angered by the fact that they are making fun of children like Dakota and Rhett, that I wrote to all of the news stations in our area, as well as the newspapers.

ABC 4 News contacted me, and came and did an interview with us today. I was a nervous wreck, and I always do so much better typing my feelings out, rather than saying them, but I think I did it. I was able to advocate for my kids, and let people see that my children with disabilities are more typical than not.

It will air tonight on one of the evening news segments, not sure which, but there will be a link to it as soon as I can get it.

This movie isn't just about making fun of someone with disabilities, it makes fun of every one except for straight white people. When is our society going to learn that it hurts, words hurt. It's not right. I'm sorry but I was raised to not make fun of people. I have learned first hand that words hurt. I am sure that everyone has been made fun of at some point in their life, yes even Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. So why was this movie made?

I'm sorry, but I just don't think it's funny. Not one bit, not for people who are disabled, have a different skin color, are overweight, or whatever. It just plain hurts everyone.

I will not sit here quietly while people make fun of my children. It's just not happening. If I don't stand up for them, who will?


Anonymous said...

Thank you Pam for taking a stand!!!! Bless you!!!
Jenn and Brook

Anonymous said...

I REALLY hope that your interview gets better response than KSL's article about this. (If you haven't seen it, it was posted yesterday I believe. About the Special Olympics boycotting the movie.)

The comments on that article are the reason I elected not to contact the media about the movie. I was literally afraid of the backlash if I did.

I hope that your article gets much better response from ABC's comments... which are usually a bit more human than KSL's.

Good luck.

my--four--sons said...

Thank you for giving us a voice!

Emily said...

Yay Pam! I am so amazed by what a great advocate you are and THANK YOU so much for standing up for all of our kids. I will be TIVOing the news tonight!

Anonymous said...

It's there, good job. :)

It is right there on the front page...and with the article is the video to the right.