Thursday, August 21, 2008

Maybe I Should Just Go Back To Bed.......

Today has been one of those days. It actually started 3 nights ago when I couldn't sleep due to a sunburn. Then the next night Rhett was up all night and wouldn't sleep in his crib, he had to be in bed with me, and due to his spinal cord issues, he has to sleep with his legs propped up. Let me paint a picture of this for you.

Me in bed flat on my back, Rhett's head on my left arm, right in the crook where my elbow bends with a pillow supporting it, then I have to pull my leg up so it's by my arm so he can prop his legs up to relive the tension he gets in his back.

If I move at all he is smacking me, and telling me to "go night night"..(then rolling over to Andy telling him to "AKE UUUPPPPP!!!") We went through this for 6 hours that night. After about 4 hours of staying in the exact same position, and trying desperately to put him in his crib at least 20 times, I finally made him a "nest" in between Andy and I and he slept soundly. Of course this was at 6 am and I had to be up at 7 am to get the older kids off to their first day of school. Oh, and did I mention that everytime I laid him in his crib, within 5 minutes he was standing up throwing his binky at my head? The child has an aim like no other. Watch out Major League Baseball......

Somehow I wandered through yesterday, and even managed to play two games of softball last night.

Then last night, although Rhett slept extremely well, I couldn't sleep for the life of me. Every time I fell asleep I was thrown into the horrible dream that I slept in and my kids didn't make it to school, or even worse, Chloee left for school without her hair done.....Eeeek!!! Seriously. That is one of my worst nightmares. It's a fetish I have. So I would wake up every hour look at the clock, have my panic attack, make sure Chloee was still in bed and not at school looking like a rag doll, make sure that Rhett was actually still sleeping then I would climb back into the tune of three boys whom we will call Big Snores Alot, Medium Snores Alot, and Baby Snores Alot. Andy, Dakota, and Rhett.

It was quite the symphony.

After throwing as many pillows over my head as I could find, and this repeating itself about 5 times I finally gave up and went downstairs. I sat in my recliner and stared at the wall for about an hour till it was time to get the kids ready for school. Have no fear, Chloee looked cute as a button with her hair in a perfect pony tail with a pretty pink bow, and Hunter's hair was tamed nicely as well.

I shove the kids out the door send the kids off to school, and think, ah now I can go to sleep. Rhett is still out, since him and I both have an agreement that neither one of us are morning people, then I remember that Dakota has a Dr. appointment. Drat.

Through my fog I manage to get ready, throw some clothes on, (I really hope they matched) get Rhett ready and make it to the Dr. appointment. Now I have been preparing for this appointment for weeks, I had notes on what I wanted to talk about, I had rehearsed what points I wanted to make, everything.

So what happens when our amazing Dr. walks into the room? I can't think. The last few days have caught up to me, and all I want to say is, "Can I go to bed now?" I forgot all of my notes, and I probably sounded like some nut job who doesn't know her head from her toes. Anyways, either way we are getting some blood work done, and hopefully get some more answers.

We made it back home and I thought, yes I can get a nap in. I snuggle up on the couch with Rhett and just start to doze when the stupid doorbell rings. Who should be on my doorstep but out local police department. Apparently since we have been here in our house a whole what, 2 weeks? And we still have like the trailer, and the kids swing set out on the gravel on the side of our house, as well as some weeds that were cut down from our back yard, that we are working on getting to the dump, someone turned us in for a code violation.

Give me a freaking break. To the officer's credit he was really nice, and said that there were no violations, and it just looked like we were either moving in or moving out.....DUH.....he seemed almost embarrassed to be there. But said that there is someone in this neighborhood that freaks out everytime something isn't perfect. He told me he wished that they could get their names so he could go give them a piece of his mind.

Anyways so this brings me to here. I am still so flipping tired I can't think straight, yet I have given up on sleep. Rhett is content watching TV for a second, and I am sitting here typing away taking all of my issues out on the computer waiting for the kids to be home so I can go take Hunter to his 3 hour long class of Hunter Safety. If I survive it will be a miracle.


DTanner said...

And yet our kids wonder why we are so ornery all the time... well... at least mine do. I feel for you.

Becca said...

Oh yikes, what a crazy couple of days! But you're still conscious, so that's a good sign... Rhett is such a character! Love his sleeping antics.

Hugs from Sammi.

Bo Tai-tai said...

Hi! I will comment in a bit on your HS questions. I have started to write a bit on my blog about this topic and will continue that

My Three Sons said...

Well, I'm not sure Pam.......I just posted what my busy day was like on Tuesday and it's pretty close. I think maybe you and I need to run away to Vegas, Can Cun, a rubber room? I think we really deserve a small break. Dont you?

Don't forget to take care of yourself!


Childlife said...

Oh, Pam! You poor sweetie! I wish I could take over for you for a week so you could just go someplace and rest! :(

Stints like that are the pits! I sure hope you get some rest tonight. I do have to admit that I chuckled a bit at the part where Rhett was pitching his binky at your head - sorry ;)

He sure is a cute little stinker! :D

(BTW -- I've still been following you in my reader and praying for you guys. Life's been crazy around here and my bloggy time has been seriously restricted. :P We're already praying for Rhett's upcoming surgery. Jacqui makes sure we pray for him at dinner and before bed too -- hugs to you all!)

Michelle said...

Beach? Cabana boys with pretty drinks sporting umbrellas? Wanna come with me? Oh, to dream, right?

Hang in there!