Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SoMeOnE's BeEn SlEePInG iN mY BeD; aNd ThErE hE iS!!!!!

Yes, it's true I found my camera!! Yippie!! But while I was amidst thousands and thousands of boxes and crap that nobody in their right mind really needs, I guess Rhett got too tired to wait for me to put him to bed. Since he can only climb out of his crib, and not in, well he decided to climb up on my bed. He made a little nest of pillows, (as all good bird folk do,) and went to sleep.

Hmmmm....maybe if I ignore him a little more he will potty train himself.....(I am totally kidding.)

I just had to take a picture of his new second belly button. Man this is so much easier than the Mic tube!! He doesn't pull at it, and although he still goo's alot, (hence the dressing)it is really healing up nicely. We have had to use some silver nitrate on it to cauterize it, due to granulation tissue, but other than that, his stoma is doing really well, and his incision is healing nicely if I do say so myself!!

One last thing for the night. Tomorrow we spend the day up at PCMC. Our first appointment will be to set the date for Rhett's spinal surgery. We will meet with his neurosurgeon, and discuss everything.

Then we go to the Dysphagia clinic, and he will have a swallow study, then meet with the GI Dr, a Speech Therapist, a Feeding Specialist, and a nutritionist.

So if you could just add an extra prayer that all goes well, and that we can get his tethered cord taken care of soon, I would really appreciate it. I think once this cord surgery is done we will be set. Hopefully no more surgeries for a long long time.

Also, we saw the Dr. today, and Rhett will not be going to pre-school through the school district when he turns 3 in October. We will be homeschooling him, at least through this year if not longer. His Dr. feels that with the scaring he still has in his lungs, that putting him in an environment that will expose him to a bunch of germs is not the best thing to do.

We are also supposed to become hermits again this winter and not take him out in public as much as possible.

I could be totally bummed about this, but I'm not. Yeah, I know my kid has too many medical issues to be going to school, but I am excited that I get to keep him at home with me and not have to ship him off to pre-school. We will have a teacher come in our home 2x a week, and do some lessons with him, and I will make up some of my own lesson plans as well. He will also get ST, OT, and PT at home as well.

His Dr. mentioned him not wanting Rhett to go until Kindergarten or 1st grade, but we'll see how he does this winter and re-evaluate things at the end of the school year in May. Alot of the pre-school is social and being in a structured environment, but that is nothing I can't provide at home. With 4 kids, (5 if you count Andy....) 2 dogs, 8 puppies, 10 bearded dragons, 2 turtles, 1 cat, and 5 bunnies, we are all about the social thing here.....and as far as structure goes, I provide structure every day.

So aside from some lesson plans, I think I have it made. I will be doing alot of research the next few weeks on homeschooling a preschooler with special needs. Between me, books, and the Internet we should have it made.


Carla said...

Hi Pam, I met you on momswearingpuke and read your blog all the time! Anyway, I homeschool my kids. My daughter is 6 and my son is 3. We chose for a few reasons, one of them being medical. Both my kids have chronic illnesses (as do I).

Anyway, I found something new that I plan to use with my son this school year, and it is called "Little Hands to Heaven". It is really sweet, and has everything in the book for you. Easy prep, and I heard it is lots of fun. I have a letter of the week craft to add to it (I used to teach preschool) and the theme for little hands is a letter of the week theme. If you type the name in google it will give you the website name and it is very affordable.

Anyway, just thought I would tell you about it!

Carla http://mastomama.blogspot.com/

Niksmom said...

Will think good thoughts for yout marathon day at the hospital!

Those pics are TOO cute! I see from the last one that he likes to sleep w/his hand tucked in his spants...like Nik!

Let me now what other hs/ resources you find...I'm on the same hunt! And, FWIW, the doc is right about keeping Rhett home this year; Nik was constantly sick during his first (and only) year of school and always on antibiotics!

Nicole said...

Man he's just precious! I'm glad you have such a great attitude! That's why your kids are so great. Love you honey!

sarah said...

He is just so sweet!! Those pics are just adorable!! I love sleeping babies!!! Many prayers for sweet Rhett as always! I hope your day goes fast and brings lots of good things!!! Hugs to the Birds!!!

Heather said...

He looks so big and oh, so good. Finding his way like I knew he would. Yes,winter may drag but keeping him healthy will be so worth it. You are doing an amazing juggling act with everything and your healthy thriving family is proof positive of that!!!!