Saturday, October 18, 2008

Counting On Your Fingers, Using Sign.......

Rhett is amazing. Have I ever told you that? Well he is. I mean how many times have I been told that he won't talk, and he will be behind in so many things. Yet he sits here and teaches me things all the time.

Like today, we were eating Cheetos for breakfast.....(He had pediasure too, so he did get good nutrition)....he counted them on his tray, all the way up to FIVE!! One...Two...Three...Four...Five!! He says, five eehtos!!! He had 8 of them, but he just pushed the other ones onto the floor.

I am so glad that he is able to communicate with me. The practice time numbers DVD's from Signing Time have really paid off. We have been watching them and I have been showing him how to count on his fingers.

He is smart, and he is going to be so smart. I just wish he could go to school. If he is learning so much at home with the things that I am doing with him now, can you imagine what he would pick up in school?

Soon, hopefully in the spring.

We are so blessed. Blessed beyond words.

I love my life, sighs........


My Three Sons said...

I always knew he was smart. Way to go Rhett!!

Lily said...

That's so cool!

FBF Rothkopf said...

He is SOOOOO cute!!!

And yes, you may indeed come live with us (or at least visit some time). We might be insane, but it's usually a barrel of fun!