Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Go......

Why? Because we don't have freaking insurance and they want $1000.00 up front, which is half of the procedure. I am so mad I am seeing red right now.

Andy is thinking of just quitting his job right now so that we can get some help. This is ridiculious. Whatever happened to the "We will not refuse Medical Treatement, regardless of ability to pay.

I am just done with everything right now. D-O-N-E.


Liz said...

I am so sorry - my heart is breaking for you. I found you on Moms Wearing Puke quite a while back - and I have been following your blog ever sense. I am so sorry for this current struggle - I wish I could do something to help. The only thing I can do is pray and, with your permission, I would like to direct some of my blogger friends your way to pray as well. I have seen some amazing things happen the past couple of months through the power of prayer.

I hope you find some answers and some help for you sweet little girl soon - I am so sorry that you have yet another thing to deal with!!

PM said...

If the hospital is part of Intermountain-go to this website.

THis is the student handbook they give the healthcare students that are coming into their organization. Go to page 5-under 'Welcome'. Look at the sentence about 'regardless of inability to pay.
I would print this page out, along with the front page-showing them it is from Intermountain. Walk to the admitting/or registration clerk, better yet- go straight to administration-show them this. We pray that the MRI is negative, but at this point-you don't know that-so if you 'promise' the hospital that, unless they honor their own handbook-
1) I will go to the media (since this isn't the first time this has happened and it happens to alot of folks who go to Intermountain;
2) The cost of the MRI will be a lot cheaper for Intermountain to pay, than the lawsuit and negative publicity they will get-if heaven forbid-something does show up on the MRI and treatment is delayed because of their focus on $$$.
Again-it is sad that you have to go this route but if enough folks start doing this-eventually things will get changed.

Shari said...

I am so sorry this is happening to you. We have no insurance either and can get no help whatsoever. I know and feel your pain. Hang in there hon!

Niksmom said...

Are you guys still making "too much" to qualify for SCHiP program? If so, can Andy take a *slight* cut in pay?

I would think that if he quit altogether you wouldn't qualify since he's able to work but "chooses" not to. (Yeah, hell of a choice, huh?) But if the income is just below the threshhold...well it might work.

What can we do to help?

datri said...

Sigh. Anyone who is against universal health care needs to read your blog. I'm so frustrated right with you.

Ann said...

That makes me mad! Praying for some resolution. Maybe God will just heal Chloe and you won't have to worry about the MRI at all!

My Three Sons said...

Maybe call the ER and see if you can go back through them? That way if you are already a patient and the doctor orders it, then you won't have to have your upfront portion.

Please keep us updated. Your baby girl should not have to suffer because the hospital is so freakin rude.

Kate said...

I agree 100% with what "pm" wrote.

Print out their own policy regarding the non-insured receiving treatment and then threaten to go to the media. If, God forbid, something is wrong with Chloee and they are refusing treatment for her due to your lack of $$, you could sue the heck out of them and I'm certain they won't want that.

So sorry you're having to deal with this crap. Too bad you can't move to a different state with better health care system.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

That is horrible. It's sad that they are more worried about their money then they are your precious little girl. I am starting to really worry about her. I hope everything turns out well when you do get in for the MRI. I can not believe that they can do's ridiculous. Keeping you all in my prayers.

Please keep us updated on Chloee and how she is doing.

I hope you get some answers soon, for Chloee's sake as well.

MichelleH said...

I am appalled! You need to move to Iowa! :-)

I hope that you can get Chloee an MRI and get to the bottom of this. How sad that she has been living like this and not really complaining. She is one amazing little girl (because of her amazing family, of course).


Mrs Wibbs said...

My friend. You ARE strong enough for this too... Not in your own strenth, but in God's. Pray pray pray!! And many are praying also, on your behalf. I am crying out to Him that He will give you a break - His resources are endless, you can lean on Him. He is faithful, He loves you, and He will see you through this. Meanwhile, PM's advice above seems very wise and sound; obviously I don't have a clue how your healthcare system (or lack thereof...!) works, but I do totally agree that if all else fails, the media are very powerful indeed in these kinds of cases.

All my love
Hang in there

Becca said...

Oh. Wow. Can they do this? That is totally unbelievable. I'm so sorry.