Friday, October 3, 2008


You know, one thing about having a child with Down syndrome is that they fight. All you have to do is provide them with a loving environment, and they will thrive. All they need to know is that they are loved. It's that way with any child really.

Today as I was lying in bed I couldn't help but run through my mind over and over the day that Rhett was overdosed. He is here, and he fought so hard because he knew he was and IS so loved. He knows that any of us would do anything for him. When he is in the hospital he fights so hard to get home so that he can be with his brothers and sister again.

I know I have posted this before, but I just wanted to share it again, because this video represents so much. It shows that our little man is amazing. He is a fighter, and no matter what happens he belongs HERE with us.

Never underestimate the power of an extra chromosome.


Cheri said...

Rhett IS amazing! I am choked up after watching your video and hearing what you went through. What an unnecessary heartache for your family...I am so glad Rhett is such a fighter...and just adorable at that!

I have enjoyed popping in on your blog but have not commented until tonight. It was fun to see that Rhett got his "Make-A-Wish" come true!! :)

Keep fighting Rhett!!

Anonymous said...

Chromosomes are amazing. Since we discovered M's chromosome disorder I am amazed with the power they hold. I wish more children with Autism could be genetically tested.

Rhett is a fighter, no doubt about that. Maizie is as well. She never ceases to inspire me.

AZ Chapman said...

Wow he is storng pam

When y feeling up to it can y ancer these two question.

Has Rhett fully recovered from the pain med . Dose he still have medical problems that require surgery?

My next question is what have y done for d is he mainstream and he is happy at school. For more info go to my blog

I hope y are felling better soon.

Lauren (mytime) said...

OMGosh! I just baled my eyes out watching this video. I feel your srtuggles and you pain, and more importantly the love you have for Rhett.I have a daughter Alexa, who just turned 9! She had DS and we have had many sturggles. She just finished a 2 1/2 treatment for Leukemia. Every word you type rings to true to me. She too is a fighter, and as her mom so am I. Always fighting the world to give her the best. I cannot believe he was overdosed! How insanely terrible. So happy he has gotten through like a real trooper.
If you are ver interested here is my daughter Alexa's story

Keep you the fight Rhett! You are a very special boy.

Amie said...

He truly is so amazing! He is a hero to us all!!

~plaid said...

I'm glad Rhett is such a fighter. I love to watch him grow and am amazed with all that you guys struggle through.

I want to just say, from one mother who has watched two children fight for their life on those same horrid machines that Rhett needed after the overdose, that I only wish that the only thing every child needs is love to keep fighting. As the saying goes, "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever."

We aren't all so lucky. I think what makes that experience you went through with Rhett such a horrifying one is that you stood the very real chance of those machines not being enough to get him through, and becoming a mother of a child you could no longer hold, cuddle, smell, hear, etc. What made that experience so horrifying was the real possibility that death could have come to snatch Rhett away.

I don't think you need to know how lucky you are. It's obvious in your posts how much you cherish that Rhett pulled through. You don't take him for granted, and love him very much. I also see that you love your other children who struggle just as much as Rhett, but in other ways.

I think this post is aimed more for the general reader, who might have misunderstood when you were saying that all a child with DS, or any child really, needs is love and they'll fight. I think that even those of our children who didn't get through that horrifying experience, and left our lives shattered, our hearts beyond broken, our arms so achingly empty... we still loved and very much still love our children.

And if you agree, just give your little Rhett, or your little child (to the rest of you) another big hug. :) Because as much as we love them, sometimes we just need one more reason to show them. :)