Saturday, October 25, 2008

Toys R Us Letter is Done.....

I had such a huge overwhelming response to our encounter at Toys R Us, and one of our dear friends actually trying to go to bat for us, that I decided I needed to write them a letter. It's taken me a bit.

But I am sure many of my beloved blog readers will be quite happy to know that I did take a stand for all of our kids who have something special.

All I want out of this is an apology, with the hopes that they will train their employee's to be a little more compassionate to their customers. Especially those with special needs.

Something that may just blow your mind, upon investigation into getting her name, I found out that she was in management.

I know~ I was thinking the same thing you are right now.

Hopefully we won't have to go through this again.

Note: I have taken off the anonymous comments on my blog. Dakota read something that was left by someone, and it has traumatized him to no end. He has been obsessing about it all weekend and can't let it go. So if you want to leave a comment and can't, there is a way to sign up for blogger without having a blog, or you can email me @ Sorry someone had to ruin it for some of my favorite people, but I need to protect Dakota. Him and I both agreed that this was what would help him not worry about it anymore.


My Three Sons said...

Well that is all it stupid person. Dakota, you and your family are loved by so many people. Don't ever forget that.

I agree, it is too bad that people can't leave their names behind their comments. They are cowards.

Take care and I hope you have a happy Sunday.

Niksmom said...

Glad you wrote that letter; I hope it makes TRU sit up and take notice!

Dakota, it's an awful lesson to learn that there are some truly mean and miserable people in the world. Try not to let them upset you too much; you are loved by so many more people than you could ever even meet! Just remember *that* ok?

L said...

I'm glad you are taking a stand against the person at Toys R Us. Our local Toys R Us actually hires a lot of people with special needs which I think is amazing. Not because they aren't capable obviously we know that everyone is capable of something but its great to see kids being exposed to the truth of people with special needs, we are all the same. I was a nanny for a little girl who was six at the time. We went to toys r us and this lady working there had a condition that caused small tumors all over her body. As we were walking out of the store she looked at me and said does that lady have a disease which I told her yes i think she did. She then said I bet that is hard for her, I smiled at her because I think that would make me feel better if i had a disease, im happy she gets to have a cool job. I just thought it was very sweet that this little girl because she was exposed to someone with a special need had a moment of compassion and understanding.

It's sad that it was the opposite for your store.

Stephanie said...

OK, I've not kept up with you!! I don't know what happened at TRU, but I'm glad you wrote a letter, smart lady!

On another note, have you looked into K12? I'm homeschooling a 3rd grader with K12 and it is tuition free in many states. I'm so happy with the flexibility and control that I have. I bet you would like it, too

Michelle said...

Hey Dakota! You rock! Elliot loves you too...

Colleen said...

I must have missed what happened with Toys R Us, but I'm glad that you have written them a letter!!

And I'm sorry someone couldn't be nice, and made a poor decision about making a comment that was not called for. I love reading about your family, that includes everyone!! For someone to be so rude, well, I have some thoughts on where they can go!

~Colleen :)

Stephanie said...

Oh,Pam! I just found the Toys R Us post...I am horrified!! And you rock, by the way. I'm not that quick on my feet and I wouldn't have come up with anything to say until I was halfway home.

Hearing about someone destroying their unborn baby because it would have DS had to really hurt. I would have totally taken it personally! Wierd, huh? If people could only know how awesome our kiddos are...

Stop by ralphcrew sometime! Ralph got a new trike this week and I have cute pics.

Lily said...

You come from a great family and you are a great kid. I know, I've met you in person, so I can really say just how great you are.
Some people just aren't smart enough too know that they shouldn't be leaving comments on other people's blogs. They will never learn so just ignore them.
Love you kiddo!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you for standing up to someone and setting a wonderful example for all moms with special needs kids .
Riley and I have a special award we want to give you and rhett to see it and check it out please go to rileys blog .

little.birdy said...

I'm so glad you spoke up to Toys R' Us. People need to learn that comments like that are inappropriate and that there will be consequences for their thoughtlessness. Otherwise they will just keep doing it. :/

Peggy said...

You know the irony of your whole story at ToysRus, Pam??? They publish a separate special needs catalog of toys for our kiddos--crazy, HUH???

Peggy, mommy to Cason