Monday, November 24, 2008

Ally In Wonderland's Story of How Rhett has Inspired Her...

I started reading the day Rachel Coleman blogged about Rhett's Wish Day back in August, September (?) and sat there for hours reading all the posts. My life's work is teaching students just like Rhett, so all of this was interesting to me. I couldn't believe Pam's strength or how together she seemed. Sure, she had posts where she breaks down and talks about she feels like there is no hope, but come on, look at the cards she's been dealt!

What have I learned from Rhett? That there is no such thing as 'having it tough'. I used to have days where I felt like my life stunk beyond belief and no one could possibly understand because I had it so much worse than everyone. Then Rhett was given that deadly overdose. And won. Then I had another bad day and Of Course no one else could imagine how tough my life was and Rhett ended up in the ER because his poor little heart needed a break. And on top of that, Chloee was having difficulties of her own and NEVER STOPPED SMILING. Ever! Even those photos of her on a 'bad day' and in the hospital show her with that beautiful smile of hers.

I have learned that family is everything, the entire Bird family is bonded together tighter than anything and will not perish. I have seen many a family who are given life's little fruitcakes (gifts you'd rather pass on than deal with, as I call them) and crumble. Of course we don't see the everyday, but you can see how much the boys love each other and how Pam and Andy still love each other like teenagers. This quote from Andy's blog says it all to me..."I guess Pam still gives me that same spark like the very first time I saw her, or stole my first kiss. I'm just glad she still lets me be a kid at heart." That makes me hope and dream I can have a relationship just like there's one day, one that can stay true to the marriage vows and withstand the test of anything.

I hope to continue to see Rhett's smiling, shining face and hear all the antics of his three year old self as he continues to grow and explore his world. I hope that he grows up and understands that he is not only loved by Andy, Pam, Koda, Hunter, and Chloee, but all those out there across the nation who think of him and pray for him each and every day.

Nothing brightens my day more than a cute photo of him. :)

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