Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Have You Read Andy's Latest Post?

If not, go over and here tell him off for being mean to me....he is such a brat.

Also, He is getting ready to start on his calendar for 2010. If you submitted a photo of your child, please go here and see if your child was selected. Then vote for the one that you think is the cutest!! 10 lucky winners will be drawn by Andy, and put together for a calender. If you haven't seen the work that he can do, let me just share these with you....



We got Rhett's suction machine last night. Just another piece of equipment to land itself in our house. I am in need of some serious organization here. But I need something to organize with. I have been using those plastic cart things that have the three drawers in them. but they are all falling apart. They don't hold up when you have them jammed full of medical supplies and are getting into them multiple times a day.

So question of the day, those of you that deal with all of the supplies and equipment that we do, Oxygen, feeding, suctioning, pulse ox, you know what I'm talking about. What do you do to organize it? Keep in mind that Rhett, Andy, and I all sleep in the same bedroom, so most of our supplies are in the living room and scattered around the house for those "Quick grab me a syringe, or I need some extension tubing moments."

Also, how do you keep a three year old tied down while suctioning? He HATES it, and turns into an octopus with 8 arms and legs the second I come at him with it. Remember this kid has super human strength when he wants to. But he has been so clear today, and doing so well. He isn't raspy and wheezy, and he doesn't sound like Darth Vader.

You wouldn't believe the junk I got out of him last night when we did it for the first time. He slept so good too. I think this suction machine may just be a lifesaver.

Today I am thankful for all of Rhett's equipment. I know it sounds crazy, but without it he would not have the chance at being a 3 year old little boy that gets to have a (pretty close) to normal life. I am thankful that we get to treat him at home no matter how much time it takes or how much it costs. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I know I have said it before but I value and appreciate every breath this little boy takes. He forgives me so easily after I do his dressing changes, suction him, put his oxygen on, any treatment that we have to do. He may hate it at the time, but he always ends it with a "thank you", a smile, and a hug. We all could learn so much from him.



Jaxsons Fight said...

We went and bought these square shelves at target, and you can buy cute different color boxes that go inside. Its handy and its cuter than those plastic shelves.

Jaxsons Fight said...

We went to target and bought these square shelves, you can buy different color boxes to put inside each square. Its a lot cuter than the plastic drawers, thats what we used to have.

MichelleH said...

And his mom's not bad, either! ;)

Niksmom said...

We used to have all our suppies out on a baker's rack in the kitchen/dining area. Of course, that was when Nik couldn't walk. LOL

Now? We have things in an armoire (sounds so fancy, we bought it online from Target!) with one of those magnetic child-proof locks on it. The formula and feeding supplies are in the kitchen cabinet...Nik has his very own! Not sure how to describe it. I'll try to take some pix to send you.

I also used to keep big (single) plastic baskets strategically placed in a few rooms. Ea. basket had a couple diapers, wipes, gauze for "emergency" clean up. But we tried to limit all the major stuff to one spot.

I'm so glad to hear Rhett slept well! That suction was a godsend for us when we needed it! See if you can try to make a game out of it w/Rhett to make it go easier. Like ask him to sing the silly pizza song (or you sing it for him) or something to help him focus on something else. We used ti give Nik a favorite toy to distract him.

Good Luck!!

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

We have a few different things. I have a colorful drawer thing for "Kaden's room" that we keep things in that don't get used to often. Then we have the three tier shelve thing that is also in his room. The thing we used the most is one of those "wood" cabinets you can buy at target. It has shelves, but also has doors so you can close it and not see everything inside. I just put some small baskets in there to organize the little things. I love it.

Ok, now that you are confused and probably have no idea what I am talking about I will check out Andy's blog!!!

Amie said...

I am not going to even pretend to give you organization advise. We just kind of had a floating ER at our house too. Don't feel too bad. Then its always handy, right? And I have to agree with you on your insight into medical supplies. Its awful that kids need stuff like that to live a fairly normal life but thank God that someone thought to invent it. Who knows where you would (or wouldn't) be without it!?

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

For Nathan, I keep all of the hospital buckets they send with us each "visit" ok, everytime he stays overnight we ask for as many extra supplies as we can get because they are so expensive otherwise! Anyway, I have labeled each bucket with each type of item, ie. syringes, g-tube dressing, extra buttons and tubes, oxygen tubes etc. These are kept at the top of the closet where the 3 year old can't have at it. I also purchased a CHEAP nighstand and fill it with the supplies for the Bipap machine, oximeter, extra oxygen portable tank (the small one you can carry like a purse). We did buy a few cute buckets to strategically place around the house with extra syringes for venting and extra diapers and wipes.

Even with all of this, our house is basically another home health care store. Nathan's closet is FILLED TO THE BRIM of his supplies. Its a pain but I'm glad he has what he needs.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

-Stephanie (Nathan's Mom, TOF)