Sunday, November 30, 2008

How Rhett Has Touched Francine.....

I have been totally touched by - taken with - head over heels for - your son, and your family, and your story.

We "met" on the T21 board, back when these two (Sofia and Rhett) were tiny. Sharing the chromosome, but going in vastly different directions health-wise and life-wise, we have stayed connected.

At Saturday morning Shabbat services, it is traditional to say a prayer asking for healing for others. The rabbi chants the beginning of the prayer, and at a particular point, we go around the room saying the names of the people who are ill or in need of healing. Usually the Hebrew name is said, in the form of "so-and-so, son/daughter of such-and-such [the mom's name, not the dad's!]". Folks in my community have gotten used to my including "Rhett Bird" each week.
My kids love to see the rotating pictures on the T21 board (!), and always spot Rhett. Last year, when someone stole your blankets out of the dryer, I was so glad to be able to send you a box of blankets and goodies.

I am Thankful for the opportunity to know friends in far away places, sharing your joys and your hardships and doing the little I can from my own place to help when I can.

Thanks Francine!! We are just as head over heals in love with sweet Sofia as you are with Rhett!!

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