Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Notice A Difference?

Ya, that's because little Mr. Wandering hands DELETED my custom background that sweet Rebecca did for my blog. I am so sad that Elmo is gone!! He also screwed up my header and I have no idea how to make a new one. I was trying to add some pictures and links to my layout, when Chloee needed to go to bed.

Stupid me, and you totally would think I would learn this by now, left the office door open. I have no idea what he did, but when I came back my background was just white, and I couldn't get the header to work at all.

I spent till 3 am working on it, and this was what I was finally able to do. At least it's something. Anyone know how to create headers, and wanna help me? I am totally lost. Completely lost. Computers are so not my thing.

Also, for those of you wanting updates about Chloee, I have created a blog for her. The link is in the sidebar, along with the rest of the family's blogs. Hers is called Babygirl Boo. I will be updating that on a regular basis, and if there is any major updates I will link from here as well.

Today I am thankful that I still have the rest of this day to be in my 20's. Tomorrow I hit the 30 mark. Remember when we were kids and 30 seemed so old? ;)


Niksmom said...

Well, ok, so it's not Elmo...but it's cute! :-)

DTanner said...

You mean we are only going to be 30?! I feel 40!

My Three Sons said...

Well I like it. It is Fallish/ Thanksgivingish.(If those are even words). I saw the kids blogs last night so I left them all hellos. Big 30??? Well I'm 4 years ahead of you so I guess I'm your elder. LOL

Hope you figure it out. If you go to the the layout, go to the templates and make a header from there. I think.......it has been so long ago but I really thought in the layout there was a spot that said Header.

Owain's mommy said...

Happy early birthday!I was just thinking the same thing earlier this week as I am about to turn thirty this Friday. I remember being a kid and thinking when I turned thirty that it would be all down hill from then on. After all thirty is really old!

Now that I am a few days away from turning thirty I actually feel that my life is just beginning!

Woohoo to thirty!

Happy Birthday!

Scorpio's Rock!


Carey said...

Oh my gosh Pam, I swear, you're too much like me, it's a bit scary! First, poor Rebecca, I completely screwed up my blog too!!! I was trying to mess around with something else, and one wrong key, and it was gone, forever. WAAAAAA!!! Rebecca's probably sick of us. Who would have thought we'd do it at the same time!

AND, I know how sad you must be about turning the big 3-0 ... I'm headed there in a few months, not at all excited about it. It still seems old to me, but what do you do? Time flies when you're having fun!