Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh Mr Little Man......

I have totally given up on keeping you in clothes. I am sure that the neighbors that came over last night to see how we are doing wondered what type of a mommy I am.

I am not too sure when you learned how to take overalls and pants off. But you are lightning quick at it, and I am sure your OT would be super proud at those awesome fine motor skills.

I also wonder why you thought that my phone needed to take a spin in the washer tonight. Some days I would give anything to wonder what is going on in that three year old little mind of yours. I can see in your beautiful blue eyes, that you are constantly thinking and scheming about what to do next.

Some nights I think you are plotting your next day in your dreams as you lay there and giggle in your sleep. At least when you are asleep you keep your clothes on, and the toilets stay unclogged.

It breaks my heart to know that so many people abort their babies upon finding out that they have Down syndrome. If they only knew what they were missing. If they could just spend one day at our house, and see the joy that you bring into our lives, I just know they would change their minds.

Our love for you could move mountians. As I type this you are crawling under me barking like a dog, and you have a wash cloth hanging out of your mouth. Your bare little body shows all of the trials that you have been through, but you are here. You are here and your spirit brings joy into our house every day.

Thank you for letting us love you, and thank you for choosing us to be your family. I promise I will never let you down.

Love ,

Today I am thankful that I have a washer for Rhett to throw things into, and one working toilet out of three in our house!! ;)


My Three Sons said...

Nothing like having a rough and exhausting day and come to your blog to make it all better. I can't help but laugh. So instead of sweet dreams it is dreaming of scheming. LOL

Take care and thanks for the smile

AZ Chapman said...

I love that story Rhetts is the cutest boy ever I hope I meet him someday along with the other kids

little.birdy said...

He's not getting into mischief, he's experimenting for SCIENCE! Just look at that sweet little face...;)

Tracey and Conor (T21) said...

Pam . We are having thesame issue with Conor(almost 3)!! He insists on de-robing himself at every opportunity, usually when we step out of the room. amazing how fast it can be done eh? Let me know if you discover a magic solution....