Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some Days I Feel Like Charlie Brown......

You know how everyone is always picking on sweet ol' Charlie Brown, and nothing ever goes right for him? I feel like that today. I am just in a foul mood all together.

I have been running around all day to Dr's appointments, then came home and did some house work. It made me frustrated because I realized that I had just finally gotten everything organized in our room since Rhett's last time in the hospital. Seriously. I just unpacked the bags and found the floor of our closet again. I got rid of 5 boxes of clothes and junk. You would think that I would be happy about this but I'm not because the rest of my house looks like a dump.

I can't leave Rhett alone for 5 seconds at a time without him tearing things apart, or stripping. FYI, No I do not just laugh at him and tell him he is cute when he does it. I always reprimand him and put his diaper back on as soon as I see his is naked. I put clothes on him at least 15-20 times a day, and search for diapers that he has stuffed under the couches and chairs.

Hunter doesn't have a room to sleep in right now so he is sleeping on the floor in the living room, and I can't move his bed up from the basement because it's too heavy.

Yes, my friends I am in a foul mood.

It's just time to throw some fish sticks in the oven, get pajamas on the kids and go to bed, cause I am totally rubbing off on the kids.

Isn't it interesting how some days you can deal with the stress, and others it just kicks your butt? I wonder why that is.

Maybe it's because our neighbors complained again about our dogs who are apparently barking all the time and bugging them still, even though they are INDOOR dogs that live in the HOUSE. Before it was the puppies now it's the adults. We got cited for it today because Grumpy old man that lives behind us and thinks we should live in a gutter has four of his other grumpy old man neighbors that are willing to sign a statement saying they bark just because they don't like that our yard isn't perfect like theirs.

Now we get to go to court. Why can't people just mind their own business? Why do they have to add more stress to our lives than is needed? The sad thing is, is that if we are made to get rid of these dogs Rhett is going to be devastated. They are his best friends. When he gets frustrated and upset and starts banging his head the only way I get him to stop is to take him over to the doggies to play. They are like a therapy to him.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I can't wait to get into bed and sleep today off.

I also updated on Chloee's condition. Just click on her link in the sidebar.

Today I am thankful that we have grumpy neighbors....

Just kidding, I am thankful that we have fish sticks in the freezer for a quick easy meal.


Owain's mommy said...

I am kinda in a funk too. So I can totally relate. I hate days like this when you just feel overwhelmed and want to cry.That is exactly how I feel today. I don't know what my deal is maybe it's because tomorrow I am turning thirty and I had plans to celebrate and embrace being thirty but instead I am counting the days until the 18 when my son goes in to have another surgery.I am starting to freak out! I keep thinking about everything that can possible go wrong. I am terrified of that day but at the same time I am anxious to get it over with.

Sorry for rambling on

The good thing is when your in a mood that we seem to be in at this pres ant time is tomorrow is a new day.

Keep your chin up charlie brown!


Niksmom said...

Ugh. Days like thatjust totally suck. About the only thing you can do is avoid kicking footballs and wait it out until a new day dawns.

Sweet dreams! xo

Anonymous said...

I have met several kids with Down Syndrome plus autism. I wouldn't let anyone rule that out yet particularly since you have another child diagnosed with it. So many of his behaviors sound so much like several autistic kids I worked with at that age.

Ally in Wonderland said...

would you mind sending me an e-mail? I have a few questions for you.

eao083 at gmail dot com

momtojesse said...

I'm totally with ya with the blah day. I have been like that too. Neighbors like that suck. Maybe you could get a note from Rhett's dr saying that the dogs are therapy tools for him and maybe that would keep them from trying to take your dogs away. That's what I would do. As far as Rhett goes, have you tried duct taping his diaper on? I have thought about doing that He is such a cutie. Give him hugs for us out here in VA.
I hope tomorrow is a better day for ya.

Shari said...

Foul mood days suck sometimes, don't they? I hope things look up soon. Also, when it comes to the doggies and having to go to court, if you can have one of Rhett's therapists or Dr or some professional write a note to the judge that the dogs are his therapy that should help you out. Pictures of indoor beds, etc. are helpful too. Take care, hon!

My Three Sons said...

I'm sorry my dear friend that your having a bad day. Your right, tomorrow will be better. I completely understand the whole house. I'm realing cleaning my kitchen today and mopping and look over in the livingroom and Carson is busy destroying it. I spend more time two steps behind him cleaning up.

Hey I had the city come out not so long ago because my 1999 Grand Am has expired tags sitting in my driveway. He told me a neighbor called it in and complained.(Are you kidding? Who has that kind of time on their hands to drive around the hood and look at everyones plates?) I didn't have the money to get the personal property taxes paid so I was waiting. So I drove my SUV and left it sitting and not violating the law. They told me I had 7 days to get my car (that is in good condition and still has full coverage) and if not, the city would come onto my property and tow it off. I have never heard of such a law. So needless to say, I drove it with expired tags to my mom's and that is where it stays. LOL (same city by the way)

Just get some x-mas lights like in the National Lampoon and light up your neighbors house. That will get them in the spirit for sure.

Call me tonight at home or tomorrow if you need to vent. Call the house because Coltan took my cell charger with him to his dad's house.

Anonymous said...

Duct tape wrapped around the waist of the diaper makes a pretty good childproof lock-seriously. Also blanket sleepers worn backwards-you have to remove the feet. Just keep telling yourself that you really are smarter and more devious than a three year old. Hope things ease up a little.

Anonymous said...

Some nieghbors hust have lots or time on there hand. They just like to complain,. Someone called us once because our grass was to tall. Some of the things were flowers that were not in bloom yet. I hope today is better. I love hearing Rhett stories. I feel I am not the only one. Right now aBIGAIL IS THROWING GOOD FOOD IN THE GARBAGE. got to go . Thank goodness she going to school in an hour or so.Carol

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if your financial situation would somewhat improve if you got rid of the dogs and the reptiles and used the money spent on them to use for food and to help with the medical bill. No malice meant, only wondering


Agustina said...

I've had horrible days as well, and all I can say is BETTER DAYS WILL COME!!! You and your family are often in my thoughts and prayers. Many of us are "rooting" for you.
God bless, Agustina

datri said...

Sometimes you just feel like a hamster running around in a wheel. Tomorrow is another day. Hope things get better.

Oh, a previous commentator mentioned Down syndrome/autism. Some of that behavioral stuff points that way, then again it could just be behavioral. Or the medical stuff could be masking the autism. I know several kids with Down syndrome who were diagnosed much later with autism because the families were too busy worrying about medical stuff to even think about autism.

My 4 year old daughter has Down syndrome and autism, so if you have any questions about that, just drop me a line.