Saturday, December 20, 2008


That pretty much describes it.

Rhett has had this stomach bug going on almost 5 days now. He was fine last night and this morning and then today when we tried to start him on his feeds again he started retching and trying to throw up again.

It is so sad to sit there and watch him try to throw up, knowing that he can't. I can only imagine how bad it's got to hurt. I would so much rather throw up then sit there and gag and retch for 3-5 min. His little eyes just water and his face turns bright red.

So I am back to giving him pedialite, and the bad thing is that right now he will only tolerate 10 ml's every 20-30 min. I don't know if its a bug at this point or if there is something else going on. I mean really there are so many possibilities. His patch from his hernia in his diapragham could have popped and he could have a small blockage, he could have a really bad case of C-diff flare up, or it could be rotavirus again, who knows. It's just weird that he was okay for two days. Maybe he re-caught it?

I don't know. I just don't know of many stomach bugs that last for 5 days.

Most of the stomach bugs that he has had have landed him in the hospital. It seems that he can't get over these things unless he gets a good 3 days of IV fluids to give his intestines a break and to keep him hydrated. I was hoping that this time was different, especially given that we are heading into the week of Christmas.

I just don't know what to do. He doesn't seem too dehydrated, but he has been sleeping alot, and will not eat any type of food nor tolerate his feeds with the formula.

I know we just switched the formula from the PediaSure to the EleCare, but my personal thought is that it's not the formula. Before when he has had an intolerance to food he has had really bad stomach cramps and he just screams.

So anyhow that's where we are at. Keeping our fingers crossed that we are NOT in the hospital for Chirstmas.

I also have had a lot of people ask about the pediasure and the fact that it doesn't have lactose in it to cause his allergy. Rhett does not have a lactose allergy. It is the actual protein in milk that he is allergic to, it doesn't cause stomach issues, he is breaking out in hives and a rash all over his body when he gets anything with the milk protein in it. He is also allergic to Soy which PediaSure has soy in it as well.

I am so thankful for the fact that we are still home and hope that we can continue treating Rhett here.


Owain's mommy said...

I will keep my fingers crossed too!! I hope Rhett starts feeling better soon. Poor little guy!


Anonymous said...

You all are in my prayers. I hope Rhett can get over this so he doesn't have to be in the hospital over Christmas. I can't imagine he would have an issue with the Elecare like that.

Keep us updated... (And I take it you guys got power back on right? :))


Chris said...

What do the doctors think? I sure hope you aren't in the hospital for Christmas too. If it is any reassurance, my daughter had a stomach bug that was here for 2 days gone for 3 days and then back again. Praying he gets better in time for Santa.

Niksmom said...

Pam, check you email in a little bit. Sending some thoughts to you there.

Sis Sarah said...

I would ask for an anti nausea (like zofran) to help with the retching. That and you can vent his tube.

often tummuy bugs can slow motility on a tummy and make it very uncomfortable for them.

have you tried 1/2 pedalyte/1/2 formula on a very slow drip??

AZ Chapman said...

hope everything will work out


Glad the kids have insurance now

Anonymous said...

I hope he does not end up in the hospital. Abigail's stomach bugs last longer then my other 2. Her seem to be gone for a day or 2 then come back. Hope he okay.

Teddybear said...

My prayers will continue for Rhett so he gets over this so you will not have to spend Christmas at the hospital. Love Deb.

Tommy's mommy said...

When our Tommy gets a tummy bug it is approximately 7-10 days on pedialite before I switch back to normal stuff.

I think with a gtube our kids just process the tummy bugs differently?

Take care. So glad to read there is some insurance in your home now. Your family has had more to deal with than is fair. Hope things become uneventful soon so you can enjoy Christmas.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I am so sorry to hear that Rhett is not feeling well. Just from experience with Kaden, every time he has reherniated he hasn't tolerated his feeds but when we burped him via the mickey-button we always get a ton of green stomach stuff back out. He too has a fundo so he can not throw up but when he has had a stomach bug it never lasted more then 48 hours and he could tolerate some pedialite. I don't know what to tell you, but maybe you should take him in to get a chest x-ray just in case he popped his patch. I know the doctors have told us in the past that if his intestines get pinched it could cause him to go into shock. I don't want to scare you, but just let you know what I have heard.

Good luck with everything and I will pray that this all will pass and that you all can stay home for Christmas.

Quick question, have you tried just venting his button when he gets to wretching??? Maybe it will help make his belly feel better. However, I guess you can't do it too long so he doesn't get dehydrated.

Shari said...

I am praying for Rhett. I hear your concern and fear for him. You are a great Mom Pam.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Praying that Rhett gets better soon and you all can stay HOME!!!

All 4 My Gals said...

I hope he was feeling better today. HUGS

My Three Sons said...

I'm thinking rotavirus myself. Carson had that for 9 days and he had a couple of days in there where I thought he was getting better and then wham, it was back of a few more days.

Sending prayers your way to get him better soon.

Carla said...

Why on earth has his doctor never offered him a prescription of zofran for when he gets the stomach flu? I dont get why every doctor doesnt do that for every fundo kid they have. I personally think that all fundo kids should have a year round prescription to it--at the very least for preserving the fundo as well as keeping them comfortable and out of danger!

We have never had a stomach flu without it since Chelsea had her 1st fundo when she was 2 (2nd one at 3).

My son also has access to zofran (I just have it all the time just incase) gets it because he has mastocytosis, the violent vomiting from the virus can send his body into shock. I also use it during reactions if the nausea and vomiting doesnt go away with his resuce medications, so that he will stay hydrated.

You melt it under their tongue (or on it) and it starts working in minutes. You should ask for some for next time at least. When my kids were his age they took 4 mg.

I would definitely call his doc, I have never heard of the stomach flu lasting 5 days--well, only in kids with multiple issues. Too bad he cant have home health do an IV at home! It is a lifesaver.

I am praying for you and really hope you dont land in the hospital on WEednesday or Thursday! Well, really at all. Hang in there--


Leah said...

I haven't had a chance to read everyone's replies...and probably won't get the chance to, so my appologies ahead of time if I'm repeating what someone else already said. Do I remember that he's on 100% tube feeds, and that changed just recently? My guess is he either needs more venting, or he needs his flow rate slowed down a bit. This happens a lot! I know a lot of kids who just don't tolerate bolus feeds very well, and need it over the course of a couple hours instead. Hang in there! I hope things improve soon!

momtojesse said...

Praying that you guys can stay out of the hospital for Christmas and that Rhett starts feeling better soon. Give him hugs from his friends on the east coast.