Thursday, January 1, 2009


Rhett loves to pull faces for the camera these days. I can't get a good smile out of him for the life of me. Yup, he's three.....and a total boy.

I love that he's just like any other little boy his age--just with a little extra chromosome that is filled with lots of extra love.

No matter what life throws at us we are always going to be the luckiest people on the planet because we all have each other.....and a little munchkin of a love muffin to make us laugh.

Oh, and remember the Jaw Breakers from when we were kids that were the size of a Baseball? I totally found them in the grocery store last night.

This is what Chloee looked like after licking off the first three or four layers..

Yup, life is good.

One last thing as a side note, we are getting rid of a million of Chloee's toys. Is there anyone out there who could use some really cute like new toys? Some games, some stuffed animals. I will take picts and you can email me if you would like the picts of them. If you live out of state I just ask that you help with the cost of shipping.

I also have some toys of Rhett's that we are getting rid of. I would love them to go to a fellow blog reader who is struggling.

Email is


Teddybear said...

Oh how I remember the jaw breakers, I couldn't ever fit it in my mouth unless I broke it first. Blessings to you all at this time - Love Deb.

My Three Sons said...

That is awesome about donating the toys. I'm actually going to take some of Carson's down to Children's Mercy and have child life put them in the playrooms.

Love the faces on both. You'll have to give Rhett a kiss from me and give Chloee a great big hug from Carson.


momtojesse said...

Those pics are adorable. You have some cute kids. I can't believe you found those jaw breakers. I haven't seen those in

Anonymous said...

Oh Rhett's cheekies look so sore Pam. Owie.

Give him a kiss from E.