Monday, April 26, 2010

Hellllooooo World!!!'s been a while, and then some.

I am so excited to make Rhett's blog public again. We are finished with our settlement with the hospital and I know that both Andy and I are super excited to close that chapter in our lives and move on.

This hasn't been a path that I would choose for my worst enemy, but yet I wouldn't change a thing about it. There has been many many days that I have asked why me, why us, why Rhett? But when it all comes down to it, it's our life. It's my life. I am so happy that Rhett chose me to be his mom. That he chose us for his family.

As I said this has been a hard road. The kids and I have moved in with my mom, and Andy is living with his grandpa. It's been an adjustment to say the least. Hunter and Chloee are sleeping in bunk beds in my sister's room, and Hunters clothes are all downstairs in Dakota's room, and I got the luck of having my bed put in the living room.

Talk about NO privacy.......however, I do have the cutest little 4 yr old roommate on the planet, and I'm thinking that he is really enjoying that out of hardship, he HAS to sleep in the same bed with me. Cuz you know, there is really no other option.

I'm pretty sure we are gonna make it though. We're survivors.

Rhett is going to preschool, and he is loving it. I think that he loves the bus more than actually going to school though. He loves watching for it out the big window each day. He gets a note sent home each day telling us how his day went, how much he ate of his lunch and what he did at school. I can honestly say that he has never once had a bad day. Every day it is checked that he had a good day.

Which I kinda find hard to believe, since he constantly is being possessed by little deamon men who make him flush my iTouch down the toilet, dump out my mom's plants, put fruit snacks in the dogs hair, and stuff lettuce up his nose....just to name a few.

It's a good thing that he is insanely adorable and says, "I yuh you, mommy" so cute. Otherwise him and I would have words.

Dakota, Hunter and Chloee are all doing well. Dakota and Hunter are hitting that pre-teen/teen stage. Oh my do they fight. Like not arguing, but knock down drag out punches and kicks.

I just send them outside till one of them gets hurt. Then they come in boobing, and I get to say "I told you so." Muwahahahahaha!! I is an evil mommy.

Chloee is growing up so much. She has so many friends, and I have never seen a child that gets so many gifts given to her. When we moved she had 3 of her classmates give her cute little cards and gifts given to her. The whole class had a going away party for her the day she left. Then on her birthday, after not being in the class for 3 weeks her new friends all had a little party for her at recess complete with cards and gifts again. I love the way she just loves everyone.

I am doing well...given all of the circumstances. I have been battling some serious health issues, and am often left rundown and not able to do all of the things that I want to. I'll have 2 good days and 3 or 4 bad days. Such is life.

I look forward to blogging and catching up on our lives.

I leave you with the picture of Rhett that Andy drew of him. I am so impressed with Andy's work and the way he captured Rhett's features......

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g-ma-vicki said...

The design of this blog is so beautiful and bright! I love it. So glad you have family there to help...we've had to bunk in a few times ourselves. I am stunned at the sketch of can see his love and thru to his soul through his eyes. Andy should do this professsionally (if he doesn't already) Hope you have a lovely summer without hospitalizations or more complications than you already have. Beautiful children!
Owen's Gramma