Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Holidays

I don't know what it is, but I just can not seem to find that holiday spirit this year. Here it is a week before Christmas, and it feels like any other time of year, like there is nothing special going on. Maybe it's because I lost my job, and we lost 2400.00 a month in income, and I keep thinking of all of the things I could be using the money for, maybe it's because my husband is in a depression, and we have just had a crappy year. Just thinking out loud here.....but maybe it's because there is just alot of jerks out there.

The whole reason I quit my job was because when Rhett had his surgery I took four weeks off, and went on FMLA. When I came back, I had a new district manager, ( I was a store manager for a well known retail store....I won't mention the name) anyways he was the biggest jerk on the face of the earth. He told me that I didn't need to take four weeks off and that 1 week would have been sufficent. I mean seriously, the kid was in the hospital for 12 days, give me a break.

Then he continued to tell me that my employees didn't respect me because I was never there, and that he didn't feel like he could cater to me and my "stupid retarded kid." I was crushed that some one would say that about my sweet little angel. Here was this 5 month old baby boy fighting for his life, and jack ass over there has the nerve to say these horrible things to my face. Needless to say I quit and put up a huge stink when I left. Jerk ended up getting fired, because once I opened my mouth it let out a huge can of worms, and the company finally realized that maybe they shouldn't have kept him there for 10 years.....Uh can we say wake up call.....

I am now staying at home with Rhett, and I know this is where I need to be, and don't get me wrong I absoutley love it, and I am so grateful for that. It's just that I miss the money. Things have been really hard. My husband usually umpires for softball in the summer, but the winter months are hard. Ah well life goes on. I guess I am just having a bad day. I try not to be bitter to people but there are some out there who make it really hard to love one another. Hopefully this spring will take away the blues. We are going to Disneyland in April, thats what grandma is giving the kids for Christmas.

I know I will make candy tomorrow and take it to all the neighboors.....and eat a few peices myself....I am a sucker for homemade divinity.....Hopefully that will put a little holiday spirit in my body!!!!

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mum2brady said...

Ohhh - I am sorry things are hard right now! I haven't felt very Christmasy this year either :( I hope that going to D-land will lift your spirits, and that something good will happen to help you out! Your family is in our thoughts and prayers!!! Rhett is just soooo dang cute!!!