Wednesday, December 13, 2006


So we got approved for the RSV shot. I am way excited for that. Rhett has a really good pediatric case manager through our insurance. She does alot of begging and pleading on his behalf. His doctor is really good too. We were both worried that Rhett wouldn't be approved, but I guess for now god is smiling down on us. We will take all the help we can get. I have been forever traumatized by being in the PICU up at Primary Childrens Hospital. When Rhett had his surgery we were up there in February, and it was the tail end of RSV season. I can't tell you how many DS babies were up there fighting for their lives because of RSV. ICK!!!!!

We also watched his little neighbor that had the same surgery as him go from being completley fine to going into cardiac arrest and dying within a matter of minutes. SO scary!!! I love that place and they saved my sons life, but I don't ever want to go up to that ICU again!!! I think I will forver have nightmares.

Rhett has been trying to cut teeth, he is fourteen months and does not have one tooth yet. Holy cow talk about going from a happy baby to angry evil demon child in a few seconds!!! He hasn't been sleeping real well and he is biting everything that comes anywhere near his mouth. You have to be careful......those gums hurt!!! Some nights I just wait to see if his head is going to start spinning in circles!! But when it comes down to it, all I have to do is look at his sweet little chunky monkey cherub face and it is all worth it

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mum2brady said...

I hope you can get your synagis shots soon! Luckily this year hasn't been bad for RSV yet :) Those shots are wonderful - we had them for a year and it was a god send!!! Praying that you don't have to go up to the PICU ever again!!!!