Monday, December 18, 2006

Toys R Us stinks

Man I am so frustrated. I ordered a scooter for my son for Christmas, and after I submited the order, I got an email the next day saying that it was on back order, (this was at the first of Dec. mind you.) So I call them up and it takes me 30 min to finally get a living breathing person, I ask them if they can tell me if it will be here for Christmas, and this is the response I get, (ok I addeded a few words) "Mam I am a complete idiot who cares nothing about you order. With all of the technology I have there is no way I can look anything up."

Ok, without this information I want to cancel my order so I can gaurantee that my son will have something to open on Christmas morning. Again the response, with my added words. "Ok mam you have that right I will get that done for you. Remember that I don't care about your order and have a Merry Christmas." I ask her if I will be refunded the money as they of course have already billed my card. "Oh yes of course, but I have no idea how or when, our team has to go back and research everything, and of course they have no idea what they are doing either."

So I wait a week, look at my statement and no credit back to my account. AGAIN I call starting at 9:30 this morning, I sit on hold for 45 min, then get another person who could care less, and get this, he tells me that right in front of his beady little eyes it is telling him that my card was NEVER EVEN CHARGED!!!! Woa back up I say. I am looking at my statement right in front of MY beady little eyes and IT says you did on December 11th!!!. Is there some little gremlin running around putting things on my account that no one else can see???

"Sorry mam, I don't know what to tell you....CLICK. The ^%$#@#$ actually hung up on me!!! I spend from 9:30 in the morning till 2:30 in the afternoon trying to get a straight answer, and ironically every time I ask to speak to a manager I get hung up on. 15 TIMES I was hung up on....I finally gave up, I think I am going to call that Gephardt guy from the news maybe he can get my money back. It wouldn't be such a huge deal, but when you have so many medical bills and you are so short on money, 70.00 is alot of money....Merry Christmas right??????

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