Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Best of Friends

My 8 year old Hunter has got to be the best babysitter ever. I was doing some laundry, and Rhett was so fussy, he had a long week, with ear infections and all of that junk. Hunter came and took him from me, and was watching Elmo with him. When I finished switching the laundry, and went to get Rhett they were no longer in the living room anymore. I walked upstairs to see where they were, and I found them sitting in the front window. There was a huge snowstorm going on outside and Hunter was showing Rhett the snow, and talking to him about how when he gets bigger, he is going to take him sledding and build a snowman together. My camera happend to be sitting on the piano right next to me, and I was able to snap a photo of a moment I will never forget. It is so amazing to me that Hunter just "gets" it. We have had many conversations about how he is always going to be there and look out for his brother, and you know I belive it. He loves that little guy like a love I have never seen before. Rhett lights up everytime he hears Hunter's voice, and the laughing matches they have, oh, that is a sight to see. I just hope it lasts once Rhett starts walking around and getting into all of Hunter's things. I can just see it now, Hunter is around 16 and brings a girl home to meet us, and Rhett walks up to her, and says "Hunter told me he wants to kiss you, but he is a fraidy cat, will you just do it and get it over with, so I don't have to listen to him anymore?!?!?"


Bennetts said...

What a cool blog! I did not realize Chase and Rhett are 1 year and 1 day apart. Chase was born 10/6/04.
Rhett is so cute! Thank you for sharing your family.

The Imperfect Christian said...

Wow, they are just beautiful together. What a priceless photo! I am also a DS Mom. Both my girls are adopted and have that little something extra! I'm glad I found your blog (thanks to Rebecca!)