Monday, January 8, 2007

Rhett's friend needs some Prayers

Hi everyone, Rhett's friend Parker is really sick right now. He had to go to the hospital last night because he couldn't keep his oxygen sats up. Parker is two, and the poor guy has been through more than any one of us could ever think of. He has been fighting an upper respitory infection, and just couldn't kick it. Last I heard from his mom, was last night, and that really worries me. Could you please keep Parker and his family in your prayers until he recovers? They have lots and lots of medical bills, and if you have a little extra floating in your pocket maybe you could donate to his medical fund. You can get to his website by clicking on the praying for Parker button on the left hand side. Just after Rhett's pictures. We really love this guy and want him to get better soon. He is as sweet as they come, and he needs a break. Thanks, Rhett sends hugs and kisses your way for helping and supporting one of his very special friends.

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