Saturday, January 13, 2007

A new tooth!!!

Rhett is finally getting his first tooth!!! We are very excited. So far it is just a white bump on the bottom left side, but it looks as though it is going to break through any day now.

Poor kid I have asked him if I can feel his tooth so many times, he automatically opens his mouth whenever I go anywhere near him now. I can't help but stick my finger in there, to see if it is in yet.

We went to the Dr. for his 15 month check up, and we are finally in the 70th percentile for height, and the 60th for weight. HUGE difference from last year, when he was almost 5 months old and was only 7 lbs!!!

We tried doing a no oxygen trail on Thursday night, and he did really good. His sats stayed around 94 all night. His cardiologist said we have to stay above 92 for three consecutive nights before he can come off of it completely. So then we tried again last night, and he couldn't stay above 92, and it would dip to 89 and 90.

Rhett WAS really snotty last night though, he has nights like that around 6 times a month where he just gets really icky. Then he wakes up in the morning and is fine. We are painting his new room today so hopefully by Monday we can get him in there and get a humidifier set up, and see if that doesn't help with the yucky nose. His Dr. said it may just do wonders.

I haven't set one up because he has been in our room since he was born, and #1, we don't have the room for one, and #2, we have enough things that go bump and beep in the night, with all of his other equipment, we don't need anything else. I have alot of mixed feelings about the move to his new room, I think I am going to have a major separation anxiety for the first few nights. I think Rhett will do fine, as long as he is in his crib, which he loves.

I took some before pictures, and then I will take some after pictures, and post them either tomorrow, or the first part of next week. I am really excited it is going to be cute. Stay tuned.................


Jodie said...

Good luck with the room switch. It was a really hard transition for me also. I could have kept my kids in there much longer but they were ready! It will work out. :)

Bennetts said...

Remember what I told you at dinner, I cried for 3 nights when Chase went into his own room. Be strong, it is just another milestone we have to run.