Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rhett has discovered a new love.....Cheetos. The puffy kind, not crunchy, no teeth, no eat crunchy things. But he thinks they are great. He even licks the orange off of his fingers....WAY CUTE. I know there are alot of things out there that are way more healthy, but who can resist his chunky little fingers waving back and forth, and his pudgy little lips, saying, "more, more, more!!!"

I am really proud of the way he handles his solid foods. He has always been a good eater, but I have to admit, I have heard alot of horror stories of babies with Down Syndrome, that have a really hard time learning to eat solids and table foods. Most of this is due to low muscle tone, an enlarged tounge, and texture sensitivity issues. We have had a few problems with the texture thing, but very few and far between. I consider ourselves quite lucky when it comes to that.

I love Cheetos too. They are my downfall, right along with chocolate. Rhett's Uncle Toad will be proud. And I must say that I think Rhett makes for one pretty cute Cheeto face...if I do say so myself.


Jessica said...

Thats awesome he handles solid foods so well! I love the cheetos pictures!

The Imperfect Christian said...

My daughter is only a week older than Rhett and she also hasn't had any of the typical DS feeding issues! I guess we got lucky!