Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tonight is the big night.......

We head of for Rhett's sleep study. I am hoping that he does well and we do not discover any new major issues.

Whenever we do something like this it seems like we find a bunch of little secrets that he is harboring in his little body.

He is doing so much now. His Gross motor skills have come a long way since February. He is starting to take steps, pulling to stand at everything, as well as being a little turkey and climbing the stairs.

He does it so fast it's just crazy. I can't tell you how many times I have walked up into the kitchen to make him a bottle, and the next thing I know he is at the top of the stairs going, "Baba, mmmmm, mmmmmm."

It still startles me to see him there. He goes down them head first rather than the right way, so we are working really hard on that one.

Well now I just ask for prayers that this sleep study goes well, and that we actually get an accurate study, meaning that I pray that he actually sleeps!

And here is a video of the sweet little boy that I ask you to pray for......

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jennifergg said...

Thinking of you...hope you get the answers you need.

Anonymous said...

echoing Jennifer's thoughts. Hugs.

Sara said...

good luck, hope all goes well!